Tara Gilbert 🔮✨ @Literary_Tara · Mar 5

Some things I am looking for:
- YA RomCom (or adult) with a diverse cast and smart topics.
- MG/YA nonfiction
- LGBTQ+ nonfiction
- Graphic novels in pretty much anything on my wishlist
- #LGBTQIA+ characters in everything.
- Body diversity
- Underrepresented voices

Kelly Dyksterhouse @KellyDHouse · Mar 3

Updated #MSWL: humorous PB's with a surprise twist, and non-fic focusing on unsung heroes (pref. #ownvoices), MG with a clear narrative arc, unforgettable characters and a strong emotional core. Stories that bring out the magic in the ordinary. And ghosts!

Ashley Herring Blake @ashleyhblake · Mar 2

Also, if you’re a querying realistic fic MG author, SURPRISE ME. I may not know what I’m looking for until i see it. #MSWL

Ashley Herring Blake @ashleyhblake · Mar 2

Send me your fresh, voice-driven MG realistic contemporaries! I’m looking for stories—esp from mariginalized creators—that feature unconventional families, first crushes, community & activism, family secrets, girls dealing w/ unwanted body attention, angry girls, enby MCs. #MSWL

Alexandra Levick @AllieLevick · Mar 2

Spooky middle grade is my comfort zone 👻 #MSWL

Stephanie Stein @stephlystein · Mar 2

Would love a killer middle grade mystery.* Spooky/supernatural, cozy, and Westing Game puzzle-style varieties all encouraged. #mswl

*no actual murder required

Ali Herring @HerringAli · Mar 1

Lamar Giles @LRGiles

My Hollywood peeps...a question for you? Why can’t we get some Black kids doing light, fun stuff? Going on adventures? Like, what’s it take? Societal ills need to be addressed. Racism gotta get got. There are still 19 notable slaves yet to get a biopic. I get it.

This is one of my eternal #MSWL’s. I’d really love some middle grade here. Think Goonies. Think space adventure. Think Indiana Jones. Think Flipped. Think Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys. Maybe a contemporary about a boy gymnast. Something! Anything light & fun with diverse characters.

Lauren is open to queries! @laurenspieller · Feb 28

I'd love to find a dark fairy tale retelling in the vein of UPROOTED that plays with form/timeline/expectations. Looking for MG/YA/Adult! #mswl

Dawn Dowdle @blueridgeagency · Feb 27

#faithpitch #MSWL Inspirational Romance, Cozy Mystery, Mysteries, Amish Romance, MG Mysteries, RomCom. Would love to read your queries. Follow instructions at

Elana Roth Parker @ElanaRoth · Feb 27

In our constant struggle over car music, I introduced the 5yo to "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" today. And now I want that MG or YA graphic novel. #MSWL

Carolina Ortiz @pushthepanorama · Feb 26

Watching Shrill just reminds how desperately I need some POC plus sized protags in my YA and MG #mswl

Molly O'Neill @molly_oneill · Feb 26

Los Angeles Times @latimes

TV has a new kind of heroine: The Latina genius. Here's why it matters…

1000% seeking MG (& YA & GN) w/ similarly strong, memorable Latinx leads (genius is not a specifically-required trait, but they *do* need to have agency, fresh/compelling story arcs, & be buoyed by masterful writing from creators who share the main character’s identity). #MSWL

Hilary Harwell @HilaryHarwell · Feb 25

Loving all these #horror submissions in my #slushpile!! #MG #YA #MSWL Bring em on #amquerying writers!

Brit Brooks-Perilli @Britny_Perilli · Feb 25

Did a little desk spring cleaning and updated my #MSWL yesterday. I can't wait to see what lovely projects find their my to my inbox!…