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Maria Vicente @msmariavicente

I made the mistake of starting The Vampire Diaries on Netflix (it's my first time watching the series) and now all I can think about is vampire lore. I am ready for a vampire resurgence.

To be more specific when it comes to books, my Young Adult vampire-themed #MSWL would look something like this: new twists on classic tropes; more interested in a badass character than "vamp with a soul"; the Pink Ladies or T-Birds... but vampires!

Brooks Sherman @byobrooks · Jun 25

But remember, guys: I want vampires that are SCARY. Think old school, terrifying, atmospheric... the walking personification of plague and death. (I’m cheerful like that!) 🤗 #mswl

Brooks Sherman @byobrooks · Jun 25

Also, in the MG space, I’d love a vampire project that feels reminscent of the movie Monster Squad, or of Angela Sommer-Bodenburg’s My Friend the Vampire series! #mswl

Brooks Sherman @byobrooks · Jun 25

Hi all, after walking around NOLA with @runwithskizzers and refreshing my memory about the infamous Casket Girls (look them up!), I’m officially putting it out there that I would love love LOVE a YA novel that is a vampire version of The Craft. #mswl 😱💀🌙

Angela James @angelajames · May 18

Melinda @mutendorf

@LovettRomance @_LucyParker @anacoqui @JoyfullyReviewd @mektastic Love fated mates - it helps me buy insta-love more easily and my suspension of disbelief in PNR is instant as well. #RomBkLove

Fated mates. Insta-love. PNR. Low conflict romance. Vampires. Characters in their 40s. I'm telling you, I love all the things that people say "don't work" but I see readers loving on all the time. I want to publish all these things. In one book, even! #MSWL #RomBkLove

Jennie @regina_gladii · May 6

Give me the next L.J. Smith: I want your #YA sexy vampires, your Camelot-inspired witches, your Norse gods and psychic teenagers, grounded in a semi-timeless "contemporary" setting. Better yet if they're POC and #ownvoices. #mswl

Lauren Spieller @laurenspieller · May 4

The Mary Sue @TheMarySue

"What We Do In the Shadows" Is Officially Coming to the United States With Series Order at FX…

I want a vampire book that reads like this show. Funny, sweet, and from the POV of the vampire, *not the victim*--or at least not the victim alone. Another great example is BLOOD SUCKING FIENDS: A LOVE STORY by Christopher Moore. #MSWL

Leon Husock @LeonHusock · Apr 23

Going back to my earlier tweets about vampires, I think one of the things I dislike about more new-school vamps is the idea of social vampires with customs and organized societies, as opposed to the old-school single vampire that picks a town and infiltrates it. #MSWL

Michelle Witte @michellewitte · Apr 20

Isabel Ibañez Davis @isabel9thLP

I leave twitter for all of two hours and suddenly VAMPIRES are making a comeback.

My heart guys. I want all the stories. But this time around can we also do latina and black and asian and indian and egyptian vampires, too?

I mean, please?! 🙏🏽

These might be the only kind of vampire stories I’d be interested in reading: based on non-European tradition/folklore and not of the Dracula or Twilight variety. Tales of creatures (part human or not) that prey on human blood have existed for centuries across the globe. #MSWL

Angela James @angelajames · Apr 20

Angela James @angelajames

Said it yesterday, I'll say it again today: here for this.…

Okay, @ronanedits told me to add this to #mswl so you'll all know my seriousness and I'm ever obedient! But just to say, this isn't a new wish for me, so bring it on, please!

Amanda Jain @wensday95 · Apr 20

Ok, so we're doing this vampire thing, huh? Here's what I want. Give me vampires the way INTO THE DROWNING DEEP gave us mermaids, because I'm having a super hard time putting that book down. #mswl