Saritza🇵🇷Hernandez @epubagent · 11 Feb 2016

Still looking for #LGBT #NA featuring lesbian or genderqueer female “twitchers”. #CON #PitMatch #MSWL

Carly Watters @carlywatters · 11 Feb 2016

I hope it goes without saying, but because I didn't mention it: my #MSWL is non-nuclear family, #diversity, LGBTQ+ friendly.

Erica Bauman @Erica_Bauman · 11 Feb 2016

Extra awesome if your story is on my #MSWL and also: diverse, LGBTQ, gender swapped, or set in a non-European culture. #MG #YA #A

Michelle Witte @michellewitte · 11 Feb 2016

#MSWL Here, diverse can mean anything from ethnicity and culture to religion to sexual orientation to (dis)abilities to mental health.

Saritza🇵🇷Hernandez @epubagent · 10 Feb 2016

Would love to get more genderqueer YA romance featuring people of color. #MSWL

Mary C. Moore @Mary_C_Moore · 10 Feb 2016

Large diverse cast teen romance in space. Dawson's Creek meets Star Wars. More space caper than romance. #MSWL #YA #LGBT #SF

Naomi Davis @NaomisLitPix · 10 Feb 2016

I am currently open to #queries! #MSWL: unique, exciting worlds, #LGBTQ characters in contemporary, fantasy, light sci-fi fi, YA, romance.

Patricia Nelson @patricianels · 8 Feb 2016

Hey, all –did you know that I’m actively looking to add more books with LGBTQ & POC main characters to my list? WELL. I am (#mswl), SO… 1/2

Kate Brauning @KateBrauning · 26 Jan 2016

Still looking for f/f YA with an HEA for my list at Entangled. Any genre. Best friends, enemies, sports, thriller, anything awesome #mswl

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · 24 Jan 2016

"Romance, Literary, Commercial, LGBT, New Adult, Young Adult, Middle Grade, Mystery & Thriller." @curtisPSLA #MSWL

Beth Campbell @Campbele_E · 6 Jan 2016

Our #mswl quiz from yesterday had some problems, so today we're clarifying our wish lists for you! Check it out:…