Stacey Graham @staceyigraham · Sep 29

#mswl I'd love a great Gothic romance. You bring the barefoot nightgown-clad heroine, and I'll bring the dimly-lit castle hallway.

Annie Bomke @ABLiterary · Sep 12

I like all things gothic: Southern gothic, gothic horror, gothic mysteries, goths. #MSWL

Mary C. Moore @Mary_C_Moore · Sep 12

Contemporary Gothic with witches, good and bad. #MSWL

Lauren Knowles @knowles_editor · Sep 12

#YA gothic romance. If it involves a white nightgown, candlelight, and a creepy house, I'm in. #MSWL

Cate Hart @CateHart · Sep 12

Still looking for Southern Gothic YA #MSWL

Rosie 🖤 @RosalieCJonker · Sep 12

you know that "regional gothic" tumblr meme? That. #mswl

Rosie 🖤 @RosalieCJonker · Sep 12

fiction that explores family dynamics in new/interesting ways, gothic-feeling thrillers (not so much fantasy though okay?) #mswl

Michelle Witte @michellewitte · Aug 25

This sounds incredible and I can think of five people I need to preorder it for right now.

This is pretty much my #MSWL right now. Gothic YA heroine with magic? Yes please. (Except, an original concept sinc…

Kaitlyn Johnson @kaitylynne13 · Aug 21

@CateHart @YAFantasyFan @aureausdesign @Justin_941 #mswl southern gothic with alcohol, orphans, gators (yes bayou thank you), and diverse!

Kelly @YAFantasyFan · Aug 21

@YAFantasyFan @kaitylynne13 @aureausdesign @Justin_941 Just throwing down the #mswl gauntlet but SOUTHERN GOTHIC APPALACHIAN WITCHES YA

@CateHart @kaitylynne13 @aureausdesign @Justin_941 Hahaha, take your Appalachian witches! I want full on southern g…

Cate Hart @CateHart · Aug 21

@YAFantasyFan @kaitylynne13 @aureausdesign @Justin_941 Uh oh I see some serious dance battles over that!!

@YAFantasyFan @kaitylynne13 @aureausdesign @Justin_941 Just throwing down the #mswl gauntlet but SOUTHERN GOTHIC APPALACHIAN WITCHES YA

Stephanie Delman @imaginarysmd · Jul 20

Feeling thirsty for fiction. #MSWL today: rich writing, propulsive plot. Gothic or speculative (not straight-up sci-fi/fantasy). Immersive.

Stacey Graham @staceyigraham · Jun 30

#MSWL -- I'd love more MG or adult ghost stories in my inbox. Gothic if ya got 'em. 👻👻👻

Stacey Graham @staceyigraham · Jun 29

The Deadly Travellers, by Dorothy Eden. Ace #Gothic , 1979

#MSWL -- Something gothic that can support a cover like this.

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · May 18

"Southern gothic, southern coming of age i.e. Saving CeeCee Honeycutt, The After Party." @carlywatters #MSWL

Ashley Hearn @AshleyHearn · May 16

Southern gothic—salt marshes and sweet tea, porch swings and haunted plantations. Would esp love to find an #ownvoices hoodoo book. #MSWL

Cate Hart @CateHart · May 13

Okay, here goes. #MSWL Southern Gothic Witches, prefer Appalachia. Here's the Pinterest link for visuals