Samantha Wekstein @SWekstein · Feb 25

Currently listening to Binge Mode Harry Potter, rewatching ATLA, next rewatch Dawson’s Creek. Next read? Hopefully some YA or MG featuring a ride or die group of friends. A story where friendship and love is central to the protag’s success. #MSWL

Dawn @ Red Sofa Literary -Taking Queries thru 9/30 @RedSofaLiterary · Feb 25

Additionally when I do open to queries again, I really want some fun, sappy YA. The world is such a stressful place right now and I'm personally trying to read books that are a little more light-hearted right now #MSWL (coping w/ the world as we speak)

Dawn @ Red Sofa Literary -Taking Queries thru 9/30 @RedSofaLiterary · Feb 25

I'm very closed to queries right now, but when I do open to queries, I'd love a book that focuses on this. When I heard this on RadioLab, my mind was blown. I had no idea. I have many many questions. #MSWL…

Rebecca Podos @RebeccaPodos · Feb 24

This seems as good a time as any to ask for your Adult or YA f/f romances with a Princess Bubblegum/ Marceline-esque dynamic #MSWL

Anne Tibbets ::CLOSED TO QUERIES:: @AnneTibbets · Feb 24

In YA - all categories and genres #MSWL I am partial to:
- Unique take on dystopian & all YA SFF
- Thriller/Mys: dark and broody
- Historical from any time other than WW2
- Contemp? Something funny! Bring me your YA snark and sarcasm.
- #ownvoices

Anne Tibbets ::CLOSED TO QUERIES:: @AnneTibbets · Feb 24

In Adult Romance #MSWL I'm partial to:
- Voice, voice, and also - voice
- Fun settings and interesting heroine jobs
- Dual POV is fine but separate them by chapters, pls
- Twisty plots but also follows standard story structure for category
- Did I mention voice? Because VOICE.

Anne Tibbets ::CLOSED TO QUERIES:: @AnneTibbets · Feb 24

In Adult Horror #MSWL I'm partial to:
- Historical and/or sub-genre horror
- Literary-esque voice
- Not a slasher movie plot
- MAIN CHARACTER DRIVEN, not monster/killer driven
- I love moody, atmospheric, and creepy af
- Creative/unique monsters (if applicable)
- Gothic a plus

Anne Tibbets ::CLOSED TO QUERIES:: @AnneTibbets · Feb 24

In Adult Thrillers & Mystery #MSWL I'm partial to:
- Female driven & #ownvoices
- Literary-esque OR super voicey commerical prose
- Fresh ideas and new takes welcome but it must fit the typical plot structure for these categories - if you don't know what those are, look it up.

Anne Tibbets ::CLOSED TO QUERIES:: @AnneTibbets · Feb 24

Anne Tibbets @AnneTibbets

It's been a while since I've done a #MSWL and I try not to b/c honestly, sometimes I don't know what I want until I see it - but I know some of y'all find these useful so here goes...

In Adult SFF #MSWL I'm partial to:
- Fresh twists & unique concepts
- I love all kinds: dystopia, post apoc, space opera, high fantasy, low, magical realism, urban, etc - but it HAS to be different than what's already out there.
- Mash ups and new takes most welcome
- #ownvoices

Jess Dallow @jldallow · Feb 24

Jessica Goodman @jessgood

✨THEY WISH THEY WERE US ✨has a cover!!…

If you want to know what's on my #MSWL, this YA cover of a boarding school uniform with blood on it is EXACTLY IT.

Megan Barnard @meganebarnard · Feb 24

One of the hardest thing about querying agents is knowing what’s actually a fit for their lists... so I’m excited to share my #MSWL with everyone!… take a look to see my specific interests and fav reads!

Kiki Nguyen @kianangu · Feb 24

Where is the YA and Adult horror featuring queers and BIPOC (and def QTPOC!!!) in my inbox? #mswl

Ronald Gerber @Daysleeper95 · Feb 24

I'm always on the lookout for good horror, especially contemporary with a feminist bent! #MSWL