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James McGowan @jamerrson · Apr 4

I also would love a good missing kid story. (I know I sound crazy, but that’s publishing for ya.) Anyway, think The Child Finder #MSWL

James McGowan @jamerrson · Apr 4

I love “near” historical fiction (for lack of a better term). Books set in the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s. #MSWL

James McGowan @jamerrson · Mar 19

My turn for #MSWL Madness over on the @bookendslit blog today. Here’s a cheat sheet, but you can find the rest here: bookendsliterary.com/2019/03/19/jam…

James McGowan @jamerrson · Mar 18

.@BookEndsJessica and I have been super interested in this "sharenting" craze. We think it would make for so many good books. #MSWL fastcompany.com/90315706/kids-…

James McGowan @jamerrson · Feb 27

There have been a ton of picture books in my inbox lately and I am loving it. #MSWL

James McGowan @jamerrson · Feb 26

L'homme sans Pantalon @buddhatree

February 26, 2015. Never forget 🦙 pic.twitter.com/JVTsjW7CjU

Still think there’s a picture book in this. And if I missed it, please direct me to where I can purchase a copy #MSWL

James McGowan @jamerrson · Feb 7

Since I'm caught up on queries and subs to Jan 11th, I will take this time to say that for 2019, I'm on a major hunt for some diverse YA (in any genre). It's my #1 goal this year to find some books like those by Samira Ahmed & Jason Reynolds, or Neal Shusterman & Marie Lu #MSWL

James McGowan @jamerrson · Jan 23

Send me a YA as badass and edgy as @DeadlyClassSYFY. Preferably something lower on the fantasy scale, but who am I to tell you how to write the books? #MSWL

James McGowan @jamerrson · Jan 15

I’m on the hunt for a great contemporary #YA. I’m open to anything that feels fresh— and would love something like Samira Ahmed or Ben Phillips’s The Field Guide to the North American Teenager. #MSWL

James McGowan @jamerrson · 19 Dec 2018

#MSWL-- A main character obsessed with True Crime + a mystery. Preferably in YA?

James McGowan @jamerrson · 12 Dec 2018

It has taken me all week to nail down my top 10 reads of 2018, but I’ve finally done it. Send me your thoughts/Send me your top books!

James McGowan @jamerrson · 12 Dec 2018

Send me your #ownvoices and diverse books! I want to read your stories. I want to be a part of bringing them to shelves.

James McGowan @jamerrson · 12 Dec 2018

In Mystery, Tana French is my favorite. I’d love mysteries with writing elevated to her level, but really I’m looking for ANYTHING in mystery. From procedurals to regular old mysteries, psychological thrillers. Suspense like Susan Furlong!(Excluding spy books, please). #MSWL

James McGowan @jamerrson · 12 Dec 2018

In Literary/Upmarket Fiction, I’m looking mainly for books that explore families like Sing, Unburied, Sing (or groups, like Station Eleven) #MSWL

James McGowan @jamerrson · 12 Dec 2018

James McGowan @jamerrson

I also love speculative elements that run the gamut from DRY to STRANGER THINGS. Ultimately, I like stories grounded in our reality, no matter a spec element. #MSWL

I’m dying (heh) to find a thriller author like BookEnds’ very own Amanda Searcy or Karen McManus. Twisty and dark. Bonus points for something as unputdownable as Watch You Burn’s fire obsessed Jenny! #MSWL