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victoria (ອໍາມະລາ) @victoriasavanh · Mar 6

Boop anyone out there writing about 90s azn/asian american gang culture? #mswl

victoria (ອໍາມະລາ) @victoriasavanh · Feb 12

Anyone out there writing a book on the history of edm & rave culture?? #mswl

victoria (ອໍາມະລາ) @victoriasavanh · 24 Sep 2019

Another item on my wishlist: anything nonfiction involving the paranormal & supernatural (fyi one of my longtime favorite shows is ghost adventures!) #mswl

victoria (ອໍາມະລາ) @victoriasavanh · 9 Sep 2019

I *really* want to publish a book about anime, fan culture, & eastern influences on western audiences #mswl