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Aubrey Poole @TheAubreyPoole · 16 Mar 2018

I have been obsessing over Call Me By Your Name all week. The movie is sublime. And then NBC's Rise punched me in the gut with my fave Spring Awakening songs. #MSWL Spring Awakening + CMBYN. Please and thank you.

Aubrey Poole @TheAubreyPoole · 15 Dec 2017

Melissa @mposten

It's the thick of holiday bookselling season, and I ask myself one question over and over every day: where are the new YA books aimed at boys? 1/12

#MSWL YA Fantasy. High Concept. No central romance (Ace/Aro welcome). Think: The Novice, Ranger's Apprentice, The Last Apprentice, Cinda Wiliams Chima, James Dashner.