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Savannah Brooks @slbrooks91 · 6d

Currently obsessively consuming JINXED by Amy McCulloch, and not that I didn’t know it before, but it’s reiterating just how badly I want a MG STEM with a super smart badass girl MC. Adorable robots are a plus. Please and thank you. #MSWL

Savannah Brooks @slbrooks91 · May 11

On the subject of #MSWL, I’d love some MG horror with a creepy setting a la Sunnyvale or Derry, where the spooks happens because of where they are. Something with series potential.

Savannah Brooks @slbrooks91 · May 11

I’m really itching for some MG manuscripts that take me on an adventure, especially #own ones about non-Western places and cultures. I love mythology and folklore and spooks and puzzles, and I’m a sucker for a snarky narrator. If this is your book, please send my way! #MSWL

Savannah Brooks @slbrooks91 · Apr 29

Here I was thinking I’d just watch an episode or two of @neverhaveiever. Let me tell you, I had to force myself to go to bed after an easy seven episodes last night.

If your book comps to this show, send it to me ASAP.


Savannah Brooks @slbrooks91 · Mar 3

Coming in late (but hot): February’s #readinglist:
- Misery
- Red, White & Royal Blue *
- The Department of Sensitive Crimes
- Nothing to See Here *
- Catfishing on Catnet
- How to Survive a Horror Movie
- On the Come Up *


Savannah Brooks @slbrooks91 · Jan 28

#MSWL: I’m usually not open to picture books I don’t solicit, but I’d love to see something celebrating holidays we don’t have many picture books about. Ones that aren’t currently served in publishing written by #own authors. So if you’ve got it, send it my way.

Savannah Brooks @slbrooks91 · Jan 1

Been slowly making my way through the Rick Riordan presents lineup, and sweet peaches (see what I did there?), these books are so good. I’m very much so looking for an MG action/adventure global mythology standalone or series. VERY MUCH SO. #MSWL

Savannah Brooks @slbrooks91 · Jan 1

Happy New Year! December’s #readinglist:
- The Collectors
- A Storm of Wishes
- With the Fire on High*
- Of Monsters and Madness
- Nightingale
- Stepsister*
- Don’t Date Rosa Santos*
- Dragon Pearl
- Aru Shah and the End of Time*
- Aru Shah and the Song of Death*


Savannah Brooks @slbrooks91 · 16 Dec 2019

I thought I could simply start Stepsister by @JenWritesBooks last night, but no, four hours later I had consumed it. So what I’m saying: GIVE ME GIRL WARRIORS PLEASE. Yes, this is a #MSWL.

Savannah Brooks @slbrooks91 · 13 Dec 2019

Lauren Spieller 📖 @laurenspieller

OKAY TWITTER. What's the new YA genre trend going to be? Let's decide now so we can all start drafting our dystopian-vampire-werewolf-super hero-space novellas and get 2020 off to a banging start.

I know mythology tends to skew MG, but I’d LOVE to see more global mythology and folklore—especially in genres outside of action/adventure. I know y’all have some spooky folklore ripe for horror. And rom coms with minor deities? Guided journies through loss? Yes. All of it. #MSWL

Savannah Brooks @slbrooks91 · 3 Dec 2019

Finally got back at it. November’s #readinglist:
- All of Us with Wings
- Look Both Ways*
- Wilder Girls*
- Open Mic Night at Westminster Cemetery
- The Agony House*
- Sawkill Girls*
- Technically, You Started It
- The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein*


Savannah Brooks @slbrooks91 · 15 Nov 2019

There’s something I want to chat about that relates to my #MSWL but also has to do with my own life experience and those of others. The aughts, when I was in high school, were a ripe time for bi erasure. The classic line was that being bi was the gateway drug to going full/on 1/?

Savannah Brooks @slbrooks91 · 4 Nov 2019

Bit of a slow month for outside-of-work choices, but October’s #readinglist included:
- What if a Fish (ARC)
- Dear Haiti, Love Alaine
- The Gravity of Us (ARC)
- Thirteen Doorways, Wolves Behind Them All

And let’s be real, they’re all #MSWL material.

Savannah Brooks @slbrooks91 · 24 Oct 2019

Glennon Doyle @GlennonDoyle

When this player's hijab started falling off to reveal her hair, her opponents gathered around to provide cover while she fixed it.
This is our mood today.
When one of us needs us: We stop. We huddle up. We protect each other.
I love the soccer. I love women.

#MSWL everything about this. All the girl power in everything but especially in sports. And girls banding together instead of seeing each other as the enemy. I know HS And MS girls can be mean, but they can also be loving, supportive, and empowering, and that’s what I wanna see.

Savannah Brooks @slbrooks91 · 11 Oct 2019

I’m generally not a good fit for music books, that being said, I would LOVE an #ownvoices #YA that takes place in the world of #kpop #MSWL

Savannah Brooks @slbrooks91 · 30 Sep 2019

This was a bit of a lighter month, but I still got some solid titles down on my #readinglist:
- Swipe Right for Murder
- #Murdertrending*
- #Murderfunding
(Bit of a theme there, no?)
- The Weight of Our Sky*
- The Last True Poets of the Sea*
- Kiss Number 8*