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maria vicente 🧬🐝 @msmariavicente · Jan 3

The query inbox at @PSLiterary opens on Monday, and I’m so excited to add new clients to my list in 2020.

Representation info and my updated #mswl is at the link below. Let me know if you have any questions.

maria vicente 🧬🐝 @msmariavicente · 24 Sep 2019

For Young Adult, my biggest #MSWL is fun, lighthearted novels by POC and LGBTQ+ writers. I see so many submissions for issues-based stories—which we need, don't get me wrong—but I want to put a little more joy into the lives of teen readers who already deal with so much shit.

maria vicente 🧬🐝 @msmariavicente · 1 Jun 2018

Silvia Moreno-Garcia @silviamg

Reminder that not all work by POC must be weighty, dramatic books. White authors got to write thousands of fluffy books and cash the checks. We shouldn't be appreciated only when it gets dark and horrible.

I so badly want these “fluffy” YA books by POC and LGBTQ+ writers. As much as I love angst and think “issue books” are super important, I also love ridiculously fun stories that make readers feel good about life (including their identities). #MSWL