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maria vicente 🧬🐝 @msmariavicente · Jan 27

Alice Arley πŸ‡πŸŒΉπŸ΅ @AliceArley

I know that art notes are only to be used when absolutely necessary to understand a story in PB, but I have also seen some say no art notes ever, no matter what. Leave it to the reader and illustrator to decide. Do your agents or agency have an opinion on this? #askPSLA

Replying to @AliceArley

Very rarely do I think a picture book manuscript can exist without art notes (even if minimal). The text should always leave room for the art to tell part of the story, and if you don't explain what's missing in the manuscript, then the reader won't understand the book. #askPSLA

maria vicente 🧬🐝 @msmariavicente · Jan 27

Sarah Purdy @thatpurdywriter

@msmariavicente Can you elaborate a little on joy in books? I want to read and write more joy! ^_^ But how can that co-exist with the relentless conflict required? #askPSLA

Replying to @thatpurdywriter

I wish the conflict wasn't always focused on what makes a "diverse" character "diverse." Ex: A YA book with a queer protagonist that doesn't focus on trauma associated with their sexual identity. Instead, the conflict is that they're being chased by a dinosaur. #askPSLA

maria vicente 🧬🐝 @msmariavicente · Jan 27

Kaliyah Martin @kaliyah_nicole

Hi @msmariavicente and @maureen_moretti
What is something in either a query letter or the first few pages of a manuscript that immediately captures your attention and usually leads you to request more? #askPSLA

Replying to @kaliyah_nicole

I mentioned this in an earlier response, but I'm always looking for a great writing style at the beginning of a manuscript. In a query, if your concept is something I truly haven't read before (many queries sound repetitive of one another), then I'll want to know more. #askPSLA

maria vicente 🧬🐝 @msmariavicente · Jan 27

Ginger Ninja @engriffs

#askPSLA at what age do you feel young adult cuts off/it's adult? I'm querying a manuscript with a 21 year old and a little unsure.

Replying to @engriffs

The oldest I've read in YA (that I recall now, anyway) is a protagonist starting their first year of college, so 18/19 typically. 21 might be a bit too old. #askPSLA

maria vicente 🧬🐝 @msmariavicente · Jan 27

zach. @whackyzach

@PSLiterary @msmariavicente @maureen_moretti When would you encourage a client to use a pseudonym? Would it be necessary if someone wants to write disparate genres, i.e. graphic novels for adults and novels for middle grade? #askPSLA

Replying to @whackyzach

I would suggest using a pseudonym if you want to publish books for both the kids and adult markets, especially if the adult content is inappropriate for kids (like erotica or super violent/gory GNs, for example). #askPSLA

maria vicente 🧬🐝 @msmariavicente · Jan 27

Brie Edison Author @BrieEdison

#askPSLA Is it okay to write a middle grade book in first person?

Replying to @BrieEdison

Yes, absolutely! There are plenty of MG books written in 1st person. It helps readers put themselves in the character's frame of mindβ€”which often helps win over young readers. #askPSLA