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Kaitlyn Johnson @kaitylynne13 · 2d

#mswl I’d love to see more stories with parents like those in Easy A

Kaitlyn Johnson @kaitylynne13 · 3d

#mswl sibling story where one sibling comes out as trans and the other is understanding what that means. Would love to see sibling closeness like this #mg or #ya and genre

Kaitlyn Johnson @kaitylynne13 · 6d

For those paying attention to the Dr. Barry convo, here’s an announcement:

Do not misgender trans people.
Do not send me work that invalidates their existence.
Do not send me work that vaguely “debates” the topic.

I want stories that champion and include. Not distort. #mswl

Kaitlyn Johnson @kaitylynne13 · Jan 22

#mswl adult romcom with house designer who teams up with metal or woodworker for specific project client has requested (think Joanna Gains and Clint Harp) #amagenting #querytip

Kaitlyn Johnson @kaitylynne13 · 25 Sep 2018

#MSWL I remembered today, I want an everyday Wiccan in a YA contemporary, just living. No doom & gloom & drama. Just a regular contemporary with a Wiccan lead ❤️

Kaitlyn Johnson @kaitylynne13 · 12 Sep 2018

Also still wanting my bayou witches like Misty in AHS. Looking for realistic and well researched Voodoo/Hoodoo. Witches/Conjurers/Weilders in general, really #MSWL This can be historical, fantasy, urban fantasy, contemporary, just GIMME

Kaitlyn Johnson @kaitylynne13 · 12 Sep 2018

I will join the chorus of wanting a YA Westworld. Needs to have super amazing world building and a plot not too identical to the show. #MSWL I still love the whole "human not knowing they're a robot" angle (this show and sort of Battlestar Galactica!)

Kaitlyn Johnson @kaitylynne13 · 12 Sep 2018

Still looking for an Atlantis retelling! Would love it to have the humor and visual awesomeness of the movie (a steampunk alchemy Atlantis would be SO COOL) #MSWL

Kaitlyn Johnson @kaitylynne13 · 12 Sep 2018

I wanna touch on contemporary romance real quick. I love cute awkwardness. I want gut-wrenching love (think Just One Day by @gayleforman). I need LGBTQ+ that isn't just "coming out" or "issue-driven". If you give me Andy Anderson, I'll love you forever #MSWL