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Paul Lucas @canonizer · Apr 3

#pubtip: if you feel the need to tell me that you have turned down offers of representation in your query letter, please refrain from querying me.

Paul Lucas @canonizer · 10 Oct 2018

omfg #pubtip: don't send me the first 7000 words of your novel to ask if you're on the right track.


Paul Lucas @canonizer · 9 Oct 2018

#pubtip: There is literally no benefit to writing your submission on customized embossed paper stock, sealing it in wax and fedexing it in a medium box to me. It gets exactly as much attention as emailed queries.

Please save your $$$ (and the environment).

Paul Lucas @canonizer · 15 May 2018

never ever (EVER) pitch your book as Harry Potter for adults. First, it's exhausting because it isn't. Second, adults already love #HarryPotter. Third, @leverus went ahead and wrote #TheMagicians.


Paul Lucas @canonizer · 17 Mar 2016

I didn't think this was required to state but: I am not accepting handwritten manuscripts. #pubtip


Paul Lucas @canonizer · 29 Mar 2015

Agents also get sunday rejections for books that have been out so long they forget they were still on submission. #pubtip #pubtruth

Paul Lucas @canonizer · 26 Aug 2014

slightly cold but if you think it's possible you received a form rejection, you probably did #pubtip

Paul Lucas @canonizer · 23 Aug 2014

Don't put the climax of your story at the beginning of your book. #pubtip