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Agent V Underwater @VeroniKaboom · 6 Mar 2018

#MSWL literally any sports movie with a female MC, but she ends up with a female teammate or rival instead of whatever dude is around. #YA Bend it Like Beckham, Whip It, Cutting Edge, Mighty Ducks, Stick It, etc. #DvPit #ownvoices

Agent V Underwater @VeroniKaboom · 9 Feb 2018

I want an all-girl high school social heist flick a la John Tucker Must Die, but Sophia Bush and Arielle Kebbel end up together at the end. #YA #Romance #MSWL

Agent V Underwater @VeroniKaboom · 8 Feb 2018

Baby Zoe Saldana in Center Stage is EVERYTHING. I want a #YA story all about her. #MSWL

Agent V Underwater @VeroniKaboom · 6 Feb 2018

I really want an upper YA "Grown-ish" but set at a summer camp. #MSWL

Agent V Underwater @VeroniKaboom · 25 Jan 2018

Slam Vol. 1 Fulfills All Your Rollergirl Dreams -… via @geekdotcom #MSWL basically the novel version of this. #YA #Romance #LGBTQIA

Agent V Underwater @VeroniKaboom · 15 Sep 2017

#MSWL this story but for MG/YA. Illicit dealings which aren't technically illegal. YES.

Agent V Underwater @VeroniKaboom · 12 Sep 2017

Lovecrafty YA horror but modern and sex positive and inclusive instead. #MSWL

Agent V Underwater @VeroniKaboom · 19 Aug 2017

I want a modern day Drop Dead Gorgeous. Small town pageants, scary parents, taking down the NRA, etc. #MSWL #YA #RomanceOptional #WDC17

Agent V Underwater @VeroniKaboom · 3 Aug 2017

Really gonna need a YA Castlevania to read this October. #mswl

Agent V Underwater @VeroniKaboom · 28 Jul 2017

Stranded in space romance, aka The Martian meets Blue Lagoon. #mswl #ya #romance

Agent V Underwater @VeroniKaboom · 7 Mar 2017

Agent V @VeroniKaboom

Those damn @AngelSoft commercials with the single dad get me EVERY TIME. 😭

In all seriousness though, I would LOVE a #YA manuscript with a single dad helping his daughter through Mean Girls style shenanigans. #MSWL