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Agent V Underwater @VeroniKaboom · 24 Nov 2018

Another trope I adore from indie rom-coms, weird sci-fi, and obscure non-US TV dramas is the uptight, emotionally/physically repressed person who falls for and pines over the free spirit, without judging, while FS teases mercilessly. Ex: Ins. Jack Robinson & Phryne Fisher. #MSWL

Agent V Underwater @VeroniKaboom · 14 Oct 2017

If you have a human/cyborg #romance that is sub ready, reply to this tweet & I will DM you special sub info. I'm not playing. #MSWL #thirsty

Agent V Underwater @VeroniKaboom · 28 Jul 2017

Stranded in space romance, aka The Martian meets Blue Lagoon. #mswl #ya #romance

Agent V Underwater @VeroniKaboom · 15 Oct 2016

I need #Adult #SF #Contemp Romance like, YESTERDAY. Think Crichton with super sexy HEA or HFN. Series ok but prefer singles. #MSWL

Agent V Underwater @VeroniKaboom · 21 Jul 2016

FYI: I am a giant trashbucket for Scarlet Vision so an android/human romance would NOT be a bad thing to send me like immediately. #MSWL #SF