Sarah سارة Davies


Founder & agent of children's/YA at Greenhouse Literary, based in the US & UK. French/Arabic student & #Remain . Bridges not walls. كيف حالك؟Comment vas-tu?

London & New York

Greenhouse Literary

Sarah سارة Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 24 Sep 2019

4. AND hey, I'm a student of French & Arabic. I'll be in the Middle East soon, in Amman, Jerusalem, Hebron, Nazareth. I'd LOVE to see any story, MG or YA, by a Palestinian author (or indeed Lebanese, Jordanian, Iraqi); could be fantasy but realistic even better. #MSWL

Sarah سارة Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 24 Sep 2019

What would I like to see? Lots of great MG for starters. Particularly heartfelt, hooky stories by #ownvoices writers & diverse settings. Even better with illustrative component. And high-concept fantasy that feels unique & fresh & characterful. #mswl

Sarah سارة Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 8 Feb 2017

Always keen to see unique YA fantasy derived from other cultures/mythologies. #MSWL

Sarah سارة Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 4 Nov 2016

Always seeking YA fantasy that has roots in another culture (non Anglo-Saxon). Must be rich & different. #MSWL