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Associate Agent at Martin Literary Management. ✨📚✨ Sometimes I miss my bus stop because a book is that good.

Seattle, WA

Martin Literary Management

Natalie Grazian @NatalieGrazian · Feb 25

📣 I am now accepting queries via QueryManager! Submit right here: QueryMe.Online/1429 📣

Any queries sent via email after 4/1/19 will go unopened. Thanks, and can’t wait to read your queries! #amquering #MSWL

Natalie Grazian @NatalieGrazian · 27 Nov 2018

Applied my eyeliner with a heavy hand this morning and I’m in the mood for Gothic everything. Creepy Southern Gothic, moody teenaged goths, etc. #MSWL

Natalie Grazian @NatalieGrazian · 6 Nov 2018

I would like a novel about every single one of you going out to vote your hearts out today

Natalie Grazian @NatalieGrazian · 14 Aug 2018

Would do backflips for a smart, funny, dark historical fiction centered on a 1950s or ‘60s beauty pageant #MSWL

Natalie Grazian @NatalieGrazian · 17 Jul 2018

Anyone written a novel inspired by the real-life (horribly unethical) study featured in the ‘Three Identical Strangers’ documentary? Does that exist already? #MSWL

Natalie Grazian @NatalieGrazian · 14 Jul 2018

I’d love to see historical fiction set during a wartime, with a dose of magical realism (á la The Passion by Jeanette Winterson) #MSWL