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Agent @EmeraldCityLit repping books for kids & teens. Also a writer. Yes, it's hard. Repped by @renarossner

Pretty over it.

Emerald City Literary Agency

Linda ~washing hands~ Epstein @LindaEpstein · 20 Aug 2019

Adrian Eves @AdrianEves07

@LindaEpstein in querying and samples, what are your pet peeves?

I hate when people get my name wrong, have multiple spelling errors in their query, don't follow my submission guidelines, query me for things I don't rep, or are rude. 😬

Linda ~washing hands~ Epstein @LindaEpstein · 20 Aug 2019

JRPyle-Carter @JrpyleC

@LindaEpstein @AnneTibbets #askagent When's the best time to send an agent a query? Are there certain times of year when you're swamped?

Agents are always swamped. Don't query somewhen when they are closed to submissions and don't expect agents to work on holidays/vacations just because that's when most people have the time to query. And be patient.

Linda ~washing hands~ Epstein @LindaEpstein · 20 Aug 2019

astoria @__karou

@LindaEpstein Any advice for new authors, or how to go about finding the right agent? #askagent

Advice for new authors is to keep writing, go to conferences, get a critique partner, and don't lose hope. Educate yourself on how people go about getting an agent, and do that. And remember that finding the right agent is like dating. (Sorry, I wish I had better news about that)

Linda ~washing hands~ Epstein @LindaEpstein · 20 Aug 2019

Diane Callahan @QuotidianWriter

@LindaEpstein Thank you for being open to questions! A few for you:

Do you reject books because the word count is too high?

What types of plots would you like to see more of in your genres?

Which comp titles are overused?


If I loved something but the word count was too high I'd speak to the author about it. If a PB comes in at over 1000 words it won't work. If a MG comes in at over 70 or YA over 100K it won't work FOR ME. The titles you think would be overused are the ones that are.

Linda ~washing hands~ Epstein @LindaEpstein · 20 Aug 2019

🌾Beau Van Dalen @BeauVanDalen

@LindaEpstein What do you look for in a writer's first pages/chapters while reading their query? #askagent
Thanks so much for doing this! 😁🙏

First the query needs to capture my attention. If it does & I read the pages then I'm looking to be drawn in immediately, to a character or a situation (but I do ❤️a good character!) so much that I don't want to stop reading...

Linda ~washing hands~ Epstein @LindaEpstein · 24 Jun 2019

PJ McIlvaine @PJMcIlvaine

@LindaEpstein Nice of you to ask. How often do you request an R&R? What are your expectations and does it generally lead to an offer?

Replying to @PJMcIlvaine

Hardly ever. But when I do it usually means something global needs reworking or addressing. That work needs to be done well for me to offer. It’s often something like show don’t tell, or raise the stakes, or kill those darlings.

Linda ~washing hands~ Epstein @LindaEpstein · 24 Jun 2019

Mark Budman @vrflash

@LindaEpstein Is YA novel only dealing with young characters, or must it use less sophisticated language than an adult novel as well?


Replying to @vrflash

YA is for teens aged 13-18, characters are usually not past the summer after high school, and from the POV of a teenager. Some YA is way more sophisticated than some adult fiction. It's not about sophistication. It's about who the intended readers are.