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Alyssa Schaffer @alyssalschaffer

• Acquisitions Manager at @ooliganpress 📚 • Editor ✒️ • Feminist 🙋 • Avid Hiker 🏞️ • Bad Joke Aficionado 🎭

Portland, OR

Ooligan Press

Amy Rosenbaum @simplebookworm

Rights Manager at Nancy Yost Literary Agency (@nyliterary). International women of mystery, probably.


Nancy Yost Literary Agency

Eric Ruben, Esq. @EricRubenLaw

Attorney providing personal and cost-effective representation for contracts, showbiz, and criminal law. Get it in writing with the Suit that speaks Creative.

New York City

Rhonda Merwarth @RhondaMerwarth

Freelance book editor, romance author, exclamation point abuser, shenanigan maker. She/her. Opinions are my own. 🏳️‍🌈🍷🧀📚

Cleveland, OH

Hallmark Publishing

Stacey Donovan @Donovanesque

Writer of adorable romance. Director of Hallmark Publishing. #POstable . Opinions are only my own.

Kansas City, MO

Hallmark Publishing