Editorial assistants

Alyza Liu | 无名氏 @muguiyings

刘天舒 • ed assistant at s&s children's (not acquiring), opinions mine • 中EN都OK • first gen immigrant, second gen badass • she/her, 她/他/祂


Simon & Schuster

Amalia Frick @amaliafrick

Editorial Assistant at G. P. Putnam's Sons Young Readers. Coffee enthusiast. Colorado native. Tweets are mine.

G. P. Putnam's Sons Young Readers

Amanda Isabel Ramirez @AmandaIsA_Ram

S&S BFYR Editorial • Nuyorican writer & vigilante. Just a bunch of dogs in a trench coat tryina be a person. Extra AF™ • Tweets © me (she / her)

Massapequa / Amityville

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

Claire Harris @cmharris53

I used to be indecisive. Now I'm not so sure... // thriller fanatic // candy addict // acquiring @foundrymedia

New York, NY

Foundry + Media

Jenny Chen @jennychen_jc

Editorial Assistant | Crooked Lane Books There are thoughts/ideas/opinions on this page, and they're all mine... To partake, please remove your tin foil hat.

Queens, NY

Crooked Lane Books

Jessica Snyder @IcaEdits

Assistant @entangledpub , proofreader/editor, dogmonger, epicure, traveler, Army vet, NorCal girl. I enjoy bad words and good caramels.


Entangled Publishing

Julia McCarthy @thejumbles

Editorial Assistant of Atheneum BFYR by day (acquiring), purveyor of dad jokes by night. My tweets are my own.

New York

Atheneum Books for Young Readers

Lily Choi @LilyChoi

Editorial assistant at Berkley, twitter newbie / all opinions are my own


Margot Mallinson @MargotM7

I like bikes. I read fast, though I run slowly. My kids are weird, and my dog is a dummy. EA at MIRA Books. Opinions all mine.


MIRA Books

Masha Gunic @masha_gunic

Editorial Assistant @abramskids and @AbramsComicArts

Brooklyn, NY

Abrams Kid

Megan Broderick @megbrod12

proud holder of library cards in 3 cities. Slytherin. hockey fan. editorial asst at Harlequin. Heads up for swearing & politics. she/her [opinions are mine]

New York by way of Chicago


Morgan Hedden @MorganHedden

pork belly enthusiast. cookbooks and other things @GrandCentralPub


Grand Central Pub

Nicole Fiorica @NicoleFios

Editorial Assistant at McElderry Books (not acquiring). Watches too much TV. Opinions my own.


Margaret K. McElderry Books

Rachel Diebel 🌷 @diebelra

BA English Lit @PLUNEWS , MA Publishing @PaceUniversity || OR ➡️ NY || Editorial Assistant @StMartinsPress || Opinions mine, especially the hockey ones

Brooklyn, NY

St. Martin's Press

Rebecca Raskin @RJ_Raskin

Editorial assistant at HarperCollins. Smith College grad. Aerialist. Stress knitter. instagram.com/raskinreads

Kensington Publishing Corp.

Tiffany Shelton @TiffanyDiahann

(Acquiring) Editorial Assistant @WednesdayBooks @StMartinsPress . Slytherin. Foodie. Tea Addict. @FloridaState Alum.🇨🇦🇯🇲🇮🇳🇨🇳🇨🇮🇩🇪🇮🇪


St. Martin's Press