Hannah Fergesen @HannahFergesen · Feb 8

Still want this! Earthy, sisterhood/serious friendship, danger and sacrifice (no portals, no world threat, no roman… https://t.co/6fQbXKiB6s

Still on my #MSWL https://t.co/jjRALGPJqK

Hannah Fergesen @HannahFergesen · Feb 8

My 1st #mswl tweet of the day. Book that fits this description: “She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, #ShePersisted .”

Always #MSWL https://t.co/y2C6A7Wmw2

Hannah Fergesen @HannahFergesen · Jan 19

#MSWL a new take on fantasy that goes from our world to another world, Narnia/ the Magicians-style.

This is a #MSWL for me as well! I'd especially love something like this with a literary bent, in YA or Adult. https://t.co/be9DUsS4e6

Hannah Fergesen @HannahFergesen · Jan 13

Love it. Station Eleven by @EmilyMandel is brilliant and beautiful. I want the world to give us more books like tha… https://t.co/mTAPYN2P2t

I second this #MSWL - this is one of my favorite books. https://t.co/CAtVmdF5il

Hannah Fergesen @HannahFergesen · Jan 9

As a kid, I was obsessed with the movie CONTACT and space in general. Would love a Contemp MG about a girl who loves the stars #MSWL

Hannah Fergesen @HannahFergesen · Jan 6

Marm’s protigé, Sophie Lyons, rose from her crime school to become one of the most successful conmen in New York City at the time.

Someone write me this YA novel, please thank you #MSWL https://t.co/h5I0zVPRd8

Hannah Fergesen @HannahFergesen · Jan 3

authors, send me all your bi books! im merrily pretending every fictional character is bi right now and i dont want to run out of books 👀👀

Hi, me too please! #MSWL https://t.co/GiIlGwmlB7

Hannah Fergesen @HannahFergesen · Dec 20

I want a Game of Thrones-esque book set in a world inspired by 1930s Asia and gang families and magic.

Someone make this happen and then send it to me thx #MSWL https://t.co/J1XM8YUtIF

Hannah Fergesen @HannahFergesen · Dec 20

Do you know what story I HAVEN’T read yet? 1 where an anxious paraplegic climbs into Mordor + blows Sauron up with their sheer awesomeness!

Um, #MSWL https://t.co/eGxUHswUIW

Hannah Fergesen @HannahFergesen · Dec 10

#MSWL Narratives dealing with homeless in YA and MG.

Hannah Fergesen @HannahFergesen · Dec 9

#MSWL This piece is beautiful and I am desperate for a story about a protagonist like Seager: https://t.co/XYZGwVuzOh

Hannah Fergesen @HannahFergesen · Nov 2

After an amazing trip to NOLA, I want an #ownvoices magical realism or contemp YA about an MC who grew up in the religion of Voodoo #MSWL

Haunt-ah Fergesen 👻 @HannahFergesen · Oct 18

@alessahinlo One of my dreams is to find a good friendship ghost tour travel book. Not demon hunters, just friends liking ghosts 2gether #ya

Me too! This IS me and my best friend- would love to see this quirk reflected in a road trip YA #MSWL https://t.co/zSCptknCNt

Haunt-ah Fergesen 👻 @HannahFergesen · Oct 14

Today we are talking about Ana Lezama de Urinza and Eustaquia de Sonza, the lesbian vigilantes who cleaned up South America’s toughest town.

This might be my favorite #BygoneBadassBroads yet, and I would die if I saw a sub inspired by these girls in my inb… https://t.co/u0RhFbC4ez

Haunt-ah Fergesen 👻 @HannahFergesen · Oct 10

If you've got a Practical Magic-style witchy YA, gimme. #MSWL

Still want this! Earthy, sisterhood/serious friendship, danger and sacrifice (no portals, no world threat, no roman… https://t.co/6fQbXKiB6s

Hannah Fergesen @HannahFergesen · Sep 23

...I think it’s safe to say that Sweden definitely had a gender nonconforming queen who was probably bi in the 1600s mkaythanksbi.

Hollywood, if you are pretty sure there are no more things to make movies about, read this. Also, #MSWL as usual. https://t.co/5XivfCNbMI