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Senior editor of YA & MG books at Delacorte, former nerdy child, now geeky adult. Opinions are my own. DM me for contact info; not conventional RH email format.


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Kate Sullivan @katert0t · Apr 18

For my #MSWL : a fantasy or science fiction novel that includes some sort of plot analogue for how/why intersectional feminism is essential

Kate Sullivan @katert0t · Apr 19 2016

Middle-class Black mother of ten moves from SC to NY, finds that the Great Migration wasn't always so great. Historical fiction. #DVpit

#DVpit (I wish this was YA, but it still sounds great!!) (#MSWL YA about Great Migration) https://t.co/7xkr8HgHfw

Kate Sullivan @katert0t · Nov 17 2015

Yo #MSWL . A Middle Grade featuring a plot line about a girl deciding whether or not she'd like to wear a hijab when she comes of age.

Kate Sullivan @katert0t · Nov 4 2015

Oh my god, my need for a historical novel about a blind girl who keeps Braille romance novels under her bed is SO REAL RIGHT NOW.

Can I just #MSWL this mofo right now? https://t.co/mrJm8gIC5h

Kate Sullivan @katert0t · Jun 10 2015

#MSWL a fantasy world where only men have magical power & women are powerless & there is no Chosen Woman but still they have quiet victories

Kate Sullivan @katert0t · Jun 10 2015

#MSWL I want a MG book about animals that will make me cry. Or a YA book about animals that will make me cry. I'm a sucker for animals.

Kate Sullivan @katert0t · Feb 19 2015

Hi friends! In regards to my #MSWL I don't take unagented queries but you can tell agents "I have just what Kate Sullivan is looking for!"

Kate Sullivan @katert0t · Feb 18 2015

Hey, uh, my last #MSWL of the day? Ell. Gee. Bee. Tee. LGBT, LGBT, LGBT. Particularly speculative fiction LGBT.

Kate Sullivan @katert0t · Feb 18 2015

#MSWL Fantasy where it seems like a straightup adventure, but secretly you can dissect it and get really erudite and intellectual w/ themes.

Kate Sullivan @katert0t · Feb 18 2015

#MSWL OR OR OR science fiction, that takes place entirely on a ship, but not like an "ark" ship. Just claustrophic human society.

Kate Sullivan @katert0t · Feb 18 2015

#MSWL science fiction, where it's our world, but there's that slight, terrifying but realistic tweak to it that unnerves the reader's psyche

Kate Sullivan @katert0t · Feb 18 2015

#MSWL I love books about young characters going up against The Man and winning.

Kate Sullivan @katert0t · Feb 18 2015

#MSWL : something with an Arya Stark sort of female antihero, getting less moral as the story progresses.

Kate Sullivan @katert0t · Feb 13 2015

This is your semiannual reminder that I am dying for books about ELEPHANTS. With their big bodies and widdle trucks and huge hearts. #mswl

Kate Sullivan @katert0t · Nov 13 2014

(2/2) Here's one for my Editor Wish List: **High-concept** realistic fiction #MSWL

Kate Sullivan @katert0t · Oct 9 2014

Is it brainy? Is it filled with brainiac things? Send it to me! Is it brainy AND accessible? HERE IS ALL MY MONEY. #MSWL