Kate Brauning @KateBrauning · 19 Apr 2017

Anthony Coleman @RebelForTruthh

#askDVpit My last question! How many times should I try to get published if I keep getting rejected?

I'd say never stop if it's what you love! Just get better with each book. Many great authors write 10+ MSs before publication #askDVpit

Kate Brauning @KateBrauning · 19 Apr 2017

KC @52BooksPlus

#askDVpit What goes in the author bio paragraph if you don't have publishing credits? Thanks!

Anything that relates to the story, a bit of your personality, anything that tells us who you are. Doesn't have to be fancy. #askDVpit.

Kate Brauning @KateBrauning · 19 Apr 2017

Replying to @BrendaYun

An indication in the chapter heading, maybe? Headings can mark POV owners without a problem #askDVpit

Kate Brauning @KateBrauning · 19 Apr 2017

Cimone Watson @bachbunny

#askdvpit Any advice for aspiring editors or agents?

Work internships, work in a library &/or bookstore, network, follow agents & editors on social media, network more, read widely! #askDVpit