Rena Bunder Rossner @renarossner · 1w

My favorite kind of space-jam? SciFi that doesn't feel like SciFi. #MSWL #SFF

Rena Bunder Rossner @renarossner · 1w

I'd love to rep epic fantasy with richly imagined diverse worlds and fresh systems of magic. #MSWL

Rena Bunder Rossner @renarossner · 1w

Magical realism in MG, YA and Adult. Give me the next STRANGE AND BEAUTIFUL SORROWS OF AVA LAVENDER #MSWL

This is still as true as the day I tweeted it! #MSWL

Rena Bunder Rossner @renarossner · 1w

Novels in verse are always my jam. Send 'em. #MSWL

Rena Bunder Rossner @renarossner · 1w

Super interested in books about religion, especially in YA and MG. These are the years in which kids form religious identity. #MSWL

Rena Bunder Rossner @renarossner · 2w

I'm always looking for Jewish stories, but what I really want are Jewish stories of resistance that are not Holocaust related. #MSWL

Rena Bunder Rossner @renarossner · 2w

Hi #MSWL ! It's been a long son's celebrating his bar mitzvah in 2 days...which leads me to my first #MSWL : bar/bat mitzvah stories!

Rena Bunder Rossner @renarossner · Aug 8

In the 1870's roving gangs of young boys were paid to set bonfires all over NYC on Election Day. Where's is this book, writer people? #MSWL

Oh yeah #mswl

Rena Bunder Rossner @renarossner · Aug 7

It's rare to see religion in middle grade, though in the US about half the population attends church "regularly."

This. And #mswl

Rena Bunder Rossner @renarossner · Jul 31

Can a 10 year old break the internet?

#MSWL don't care what the story is, if she stars in it, I want it.

Rena Bunder Rossner @renarossner · Jul 23

I just saw Valerian and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'd take SciFi like this in a novel any day. #MSWL

Rena Bunder Rossner @renarossner · Jul 21

Come for the story, stay for the pictures: Teen girls host quinceañera to protest sanctuary cities ban…

I have to say this again: #MSWL please, I'm begging you, someone write this book and send it to me.

Rena Bunder Rossner @renarossner · Jul 19

For @TeenVogue , I wrote about how badass young women held a protest quinceañera at the Texas Capitol building:


Rena Bunder Rossner @renarossner · Jun 8

I'm thinking it would be awesome if someone wrote a biblical version of Game of Thrones. #MSWL

Still definitely looking for this! #mswl

Rena Bunder Rossner @renarossner · Jun 6

Muslim Teenage girl steps out looking stunning while covered up for her High School prom: Kahlaa Salahuddin, an……

On the subject of proms, I'd love to see this one as a YA novel too... #MSWL

Rena Bunder Rossner @renarossner · Jun 6

Someone in Atlanta told me there are proms still desegregating in the South. I want to see this as a YA novel. #MSWL

Rena Bunder Rossner @renarossner · Feb 22

Just dropping this: We need more LGBT boys in YA who aren't flamboyant or bro either. Give me #FastNFurious lovers who also say 'yas queen'

#mswl please

Rena Bunder Rossner @renarossner · Feb 16

Inspired by Beyoncé's Grammy performance to read about African goddesses? Start here:

#MSWL please