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Mother, daughter, sister, wife, avid coffee-drinker, LGBTQ, autism advocate, lover of romance & twisted aspects of life. Sr. Agent, Corvisiero Literary Agency.


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Saritza Hernandez☕️ @epubagent · 1w

@petejknapp @KatCho @beth_phelan But actually though. After reading @djolder 's most recent thread on trends. I'd lo…

Would ❤️ to see this in YA or A! #MSWL #POCVamps

Saritza Hernandez☕️ @epubagent · 1w

#MSWL These reimagined classic westerns featuring female leads in iconic roles are amazing! Would love to see...

Saritza Hernandez☕️ @epubagent · 3w

Add this to my #MSWL ! A romance featuring a male hula dancer with strong family dynamics, or a thrilling...

Saritza Hernandez☕️ @epubagent · Mar 1

Can someone explain to me why Latino Historical Romance does not exist WITHIN the romance genre? I keep being refer…

I'm looking for the Latinx Beverly Jenkins! The Latinx Lisa Kleypas. The Latinx sweeping historical romance of the 19th century. #MSWL

Saritza Hernandez @epubagent · Jun 30

Dying for more queer POC YA romance. Would also love a MC that is deaf in a romance (YA or A) #MSWL

Saritza Hernandez @epubagent · Jun 30

Can I please get some books with fat girls where 1) their body is not a problem to be solved 2) it's not ALL they are? Thanks! #MSWL

Yes! This! I’m going to spearlike this to the nth degree! #MSWL

Saritza Hernandez @epubagent · Jun 30

Especially laugh out loud funny. #MSWL

Yes! Me too! Especially with POC MC. #mswl

Saritza Hernandez @epubagent · Jun 25

10 Literary Agents Seeking Historical Romance NOW (cc: @romancewriters )

Would love to see more historical romance with POC MC & YA LGBT in non-regency era. #MSWL

Saritza Hernandez @epubagent · May 19

#MSWL MC whose personality matches Daenerys Targaryen, and who doesn't end up with a man in the end. Mix with Mulan, a war, and a dragon.

And I’d love a #mmromance where a Jon Snow alpha male falls for a witty alpha male like Daario. #MSWL #erorom

Saritza Hernandez @epubagent · Apr 28

I'd love to read a story set in this world. #mswl ---- Repost from @omarzrobles using @Re

Saritza Hernandez @epubagent · Apr 19 2016

Ok calling it quits for the day but know I'm always looking for #ownvoices especially in romance. Check out my #MSWL at agency website.

Saritza Hernandez @epubagent · Mar 22 2016

Check out my updated profile on #MSWL website. Love the “I’d like the next…” section in new version.

Saritza Hernandez @epubagent · Mar 15 2016

Would also love to see more erotica w/ POC MC written by POC. #diverse #MSWL

Saritza Hernandez @epubagent · Mar 15 2016

I’d love more erotic works! Especially erotic thrillers, suspense and sci-fi where the action is sexy, thrilling & engaging. #MSWL

Saritza Hernandez @epubagent · Mar 13 2016

While at church this morning, I realized how little Inspirational LGBT YA exists. If any. I'd love some! #MSWL #WNDB

Saritza Hernandez @epubagent · Mar 10 2016

FATHERS IN CHIEF: When two world leaders unexpectedly receive a baby, they must choose: their jobs... or each other.

Someone write this now! #MSWL

Saritza Hernandez @epubagent · Mar 2 2016

I want diverse, multi-cultural fiction. LGBTQ-friendly. But, don't preach at me. I eat organic food, and I want organic stories. #mswl

@LaneHeymont this may be my fave #mswl post yet! #NoPreaching #SnapSnap

Saritza Hernandez @epubagent · Feb 26 2016

This is going to sound extremely specific but I’m dying for some QUILTBAG YA abt a ranchero family (latino cowboys) in South America. #MSWL