Agent V @VeroniKaboom · 1d

#MSWL #MG Anne Shirley meets this ⚡️ “Kid accuses her school of a 'war crime'; internet rewards her with ice cream”

Agent V @VeroniKaboom · 2w

Holy shit – this is a movie: elite LGBT commando unit swoops into hostile territory to rescue gay people!


Agent V @VeroniKaboom · 3w

Really tired of the "frigid blonde wasp" trope in romance, esp. as the jilted GF/fiancee/wife of a guy who falls for quirky/wild instead.

I would LOVE a #Romance where the FBW trope gets left for her quirky, cute friend, then turns around and steals her…

Agent V @VeroniKaboom · 3w

No one asked this teen to prom, so she went with her Harvard acceptance letter

#MSWL #DVpit #YA

Agent V @VeroniKaboom · Apr 22

My daughter has requested a movie where the evil woman beats the male hero 👍💗♀️


Agent V @VeroniKaboom · Apr 18

@RaeAChang @EachStarAWorld Now there's conflict. Geez, I normally kill them & eat their heads like a preying mantis…


Agent V @VeroniKaboom · Apr 10

Rather than one of us sacrificing himself for our bland love interest and her boring plot, my rival and have decided to elope.

#MSWL but with girls #YA

Agent V @VeroniKaboom · Apr 1

Stories about converting to Islam, particularly #YA #Romance #LGBT #MSWL

Agent V @VeroniKaboom · Mar 30

Here GOP, I'll save you some money. My entire browser history is just variations of the following: "Gays in Space" #MSWL Recipes with cheese

Agent V @VeroniKaboom · Mar 30

How do I know we're in a YA fantasy novel? Well, I happened to notice the words ice/blood/smoke/rose/avocado/star/crown in the title. Duh.

Avocado of Fate #MSWL

Agent V @VeroniKaboom · Mar 22

#MSWL Police vice double-sting romance please! M/F, F/F or M/M as you please!

Agent V @VeroniKaboom · Mar 18

Hip-hop + ballet? Yup. It's called Hiplet, and the @HipletBallerina at @cmdcschool show us how it's done.


Agent V @VeroniKaboom · Mar 7

Those damn @AngelSoft commercials with the single dad get me EVERY TIME. 😭

In all seriousness though, I would LOVE a #YA manuscript with a single dad helping his daughter through Mean Girls…

Agent V @VeroniKaboom · Mar 4

Thank you @voguemagazine for this great piece on military females. Combat isn't new to many of us, recognition is!


Agent V @VeroniKaboom · Feb 22

Before dating a girl, meet her childhood best friend. If he is also an attractive guy, perhaps skip the love triangle by dating him instead.

#MSWL Romantic Foes to M/M or F/F Romance #YA #Adult #Romance

Agent V @VeroniKaboom · Feb 12

You want to write about a gay space pirate who blasts his way through the universe looking for some world-ending MacGuffin? Go for it.