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Thao Le @ThaoLe8 · 1d

Inclusive stories, feminist stories, powerful stories about fighting against bigotry & injustice. #MSWL ALWAYS! #SFF #YA #MG #PB #ROM

Thao Le @ThaoLe8 · 2d

Many corpse flowers bloomed in 2016, and nobody knows why https://t.co/W3kxXltyie https://t.co/CpnFvYIofJ

And now I need a magic realism story about a family that runs a funeral home or garden that grows flowers that can… https://t.co/RYPQVNxUkS

Thao Le @ThaoLe8 · 2d

Villagers knit colorful jumpers for Indian elephants to protect the large mammals from near-freezing temperatures… https://t.co/pZULmBUFKl

This should be a picture book or middle grade novel #mswl https://t.co/5Zltg4FqC6

Thao Le @ThaoLe8 · 4d

In which I talk about what type of manuscripts I'm looking for in 2017... https://t.co/K64s0R816U #mswl

Thao Le @ThaoLe8 · 1w

We don't recall one, but if there IS one we want to know! All we can think of is the movie Chef. https://t.co/BbXuJmQ3NR

If there isn't one, I want it! #mswl https://t.co/ge8e49r5HX

Thao Le @ThaoLe8 · 1w

Excited for The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter, The Refrigerator Monologues, Gilded Cage & The Stars Are… https://t.co/qP2JSoUcfu

I'm definitely looking for more adult SFF to add to my list this year. Send them my way come Jan 16th! #mswl

Thao Le @ThaoLe8 · 2w

I'm open to submissions again in ~10 days. I'll be looking for more multicultural MG that can give me hope and warm my soul #MSWL #ownvoices

Thao Le @ThaoLe8 · Dec 22

.@pacylin on MG: "They are the books that change a child who can read to a child who loves to read." @ALA_Booklisthttps://t.co/o7j68QOUAK

I'm really hungry for more middle grade. #mswl https://t.co/160KueTuo2

Thao Le @ThaoLe8 · Oct 25

Love this story!⚡️ “Two people found true love on The Bachelor” https://t.co/3LxBXBI3Nb

Seriously adorable. I'd like the novelization please #mswl #Romance #YA #LGBTQ https://t.co/q1sr9TmFdS

Thao Le @ThaoLe8 · Oct 18

Just learned about "hedgehog dilemma" which describes hedgehogs' inability to cuddle for warmth due to their spikes...it's so adorably sad!

Thao Le @ThaoLe8 · Oct 13

I would also like to reissue my call for a picture book about "no means no." Applicable to literally EVERY aspect of a toddler's life.

I would like this as well. #MSWL (please note: I only represent authors who are also illustrators) https://t.co/NwzlnYaM4H

Thao Le @ThaoLe8 · Oct 11

A new documentary follows a 13-year-old girl's quest to join an eagle hunting competition - an event typically for… https://t.co/UudwXC82qJ

#MSWL !!!! https://t.co/tT1KFm5m0r

Thao Le @ThaoLe8 · Oct 5

I'm honestly so impressed by young cosplayers who make their own stuff. Would love to get a ms about cosplaying/costume-making! #mswl

Thao Le @ThaoLe8 · Sep 16

Would love a fantasy where the heroine is cursed into an animal, not a shifter story but like Howl's Moving Castle meets Lady Hawke #mswl

Maybe a swan lake retelling #mswl

Thao Le @ThaoLe8 · Sep 16

Would love a fantasy where the heroine is cursed into an animal, not a shifter story but like Howl's Moving Castle meets Lady Hawke #mswl

Thao Le @ThaoLe8 · Sep 16

Is there already a rom novel out there ft. an mma fighter/boxer and his/her doctor/nurse that keeps patching em up? If not I want it #mswl

Thao Le @ThaoLe8 · Sep 13

Will never stop begging for a book set at a Renaissance Faire #mswl

YES! I'd love to get a YA ms about cosplaying. #MSWL https://t.co/3Jv5upRUMH

Thao Le @ThaoLe8 · Sep 13

Would die for a diverse fantasy in the vein of the Enchanted Forest Chronicles or Uprooted #mswl

Thao Le @ThaoLe8 · Sep 13

Old school style fantasy like Chrestomanci, Howl's Moving Castle, Enchanted Forest Chronicles, The Blue Sword, The Hero and the Crown #mswl