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Rebecca Angus @R_Elisewrites · 5d

#MSWL I'd really love to see a YA/A female centered contemporary with Kimmy Schmidt, New Girl, or Jane the Virgin f…

Rebecca Angus @R_EliseWrites · 1w

I'm am opened for Adult and YA romance. I'd especially like a Comical Romance-- think Meg Cabot esq, Jane the Virgi…

Rebecca Angus @R_EliseWrites · 1w

I'm actively looking for Adult Romance. Susanna Kearsley or Julie Garwood esq. Plot driven w/ Rom--Historical/Cozy/Military/holiday #MSWL

Rebecca Angus @R_EliseWrites · 2w

(1/2) I'm open to submissions for Adult Romance ONLY--Historical, Cozy/Sweet,Military, Holiday. See next tweet for sub info #MSWL

Rebecca Angus @R_EliseWrites · 2w

So last night Jason Mamoa was in my dream. We were in a library & confronted by a mystery. I went all Nancy Drew &…

@heidishoham Can I #mswl this ?? LOL

Rebecca Elise @R_EliseWrites · Aug 2 2016

@R_EliseWrites Reminder, I don't open back up to queries until 10/1 so please wait too send any #MSWL until then!

Rebecca Elise @R_EliseWrites · Aug 2 2016

@R_EliseWrites (3/3) YA Contemporary that deals with growing up in a military or law enforcement family. #MSWL

Rebecca Elise @R_EliseWrites · Aug 2 2016

(1/3) A few people are asking what I'm looking for when I open back up for Queries 10/1-- Would love Contemporary Romance (YA or A) #MSWL

@R_EliseWrites (2/2) Heartfelt and emotional are a must. I'd love to see a road trip, travel, or study abroad type of story.(YA/A) #MSWL

Rebecca Elise @R_EliseWrites · Aug 2 2016

(1/3) A few people are asking what I'm looking for when I open back up for Queries 10/1-- Would love Contemporary Romance (YA or A) #MSWL

Rebecca Elise @R_EliseWrites · Jan 8 2016

#MSWL I'm very open to manuscripts--especially Fantasy and Contemp-- with characters of different faiths from diverse backgrounds. #YA #MG

Rebecca Elise @R_EliseWrites · Dec 3 2015

@R_EliseWrites since you are closed to quiets until the new year, I guess I should wait until then to send it?

@AuthorCasey if it matches a specific MSWL please go ahead and query with #MSWL in the subject line.

Rebecca Elise @R_EliseWrites · Dec 1 2015

#MSWL I'm still looking for that heartfelt YA contemporary. Something that will stand out unexpectedly and is character/voice driven.

Rebecca Elise @R_EliseWrites · Nov 20 2015

I'm in the mood for a NA romance about Polo Players or the Palm Beach Equestrian scene #MSWL extra points if it has a mystery twist

Rebecca Elise @R_EliseWrites · Nov 2 2015

#MSWL I would really love a #MG Veronica Mars type story with diverse characters from places we haven't seen much of yet #NaNoWriMo

Rebecca Elise @R_EliseWrites · Oct 20 2015

Going out of my box for this one, but I really want a #NA Romance--Something like Dawson's Creek or One Tree Hill #MSWL

Rebecca Elise @R_EliseWrites · Oct 15 2015

#MSWL NA romance-couple dealing with ups and downs of the military (long distance love or deployment) especially if it's a female Solider

Rebecca Elise @R_EliseWrites · Aug 17 2015

#MSWL I really want an amazing YA contemporary romance. Give me something new and exciting with all the feels.

Rebecca Elise @R_EliseWrites · Aug 16 2015

#MSWL if you can comp your MS to Gregory Maguire's, EGG & SPOON , I want to see it. #kidlit only please

Rebecca Elise @R_EliseWrites · Aug 14 2015

#MSWL YA contemporary--MCs in a military family--a romance that makes me swoon, and a story that will make me cry. Bring me all the feels.

Rebecca Elise @R_EliseWrites · Aug 7 2015

#MSWL Ive been dying for an adorable PB about baby sloths. Someone make this happen.