Eric Smith @ericsmithrocks · Jan 24

Is there a steampunk novel out there like I, Robot?

Kinda love the idea of steampunk automatons and creatures gaining sentience and independence.

Someone send me this. #MSWL

H. McCorkle @McCorkle_Editor · Jan 12

Top of my 2018 #MSWL: Outstanding, steamy romance for adults in the following genres: #Dystopian #SciFi #Fantasy Unique #Paranormal maybe #Steampunk if it blows me away. EMPHASIS on the Romance! Sorry, agent queries only at this time.

Meg LaTorre @MegLaTorre · 1 Sep 2017

#MSWL: I'd love a steampunk Beauty & the Beast retelling. (Bonus points for M/M or F/F romance.)

AmandaCityOwl @AmandaCityOwl · 8 Feb 2017

#MSWL check my past tweets for requests, but always looking for romance-historical, paranormal, multicultural, fantasy,steampunk, mystery

Cori Vidae @CoriVidae · 27 Jan 2017

I'm hoping to acquire a book during Feb.'s open submission period -- here's my (vague) wishlist :) #sfflunch #mswl

Kelsy @kelsythompson · 13 Sep 2016

Also, where is all the excellent steampunk? Is that not a thing anymore? I WANT TO GO TO THERE. #MSWL

Kelly @YAFantasyFan · 9 Jun 2016

It's been a busy day, so if you have #PitMad pitches that would fit my #MSWL, or an awesome Steampunk (feeling the urge), send it on over!

Lydia Moed @LydiaMoed · 11 Feb 2016

Marginalised voices writing space opera, steampunk, solarpunk, literary fantasy, folktale retellings and other fun SFF. #mswl