Tu Books @tubooks · 16 Mar 2016

If this is woven in with magical realism, science fiction, mystery, other genres that get kids reading, all the better. #MSWL

Maria Vicente @msmariavicente · 10 Mar 2016

Maria, Maria 🎶 @msmariavicente

Nonfiction on topics that you'd read about on @Broadly. #MSWL

Replying to @msmariavicente

Realistic MG with a hint of magic. Or a MG animal adventure novel (like Silverwing or a more commercial Watership Down). #MSWL

Rena *THE SISTERS OF THE WINTER WOOD* Rossner @renarossner · 10 Mar 2016

I love middle grade w/ a classic feel, a literary voice, and a lot of spunk. Magical realism/fantasy/historical/SciFi, make it pop. #MSWL

Clelia Gore @MadmoiselleClel · 7 Mar 2016

Things I'm keen on seeing in my email box right now: YA or MG narrative nonfiction, memoir, and magica realism novels #mswl

A Woman Reading @AWomanReading · 6 Mar 2016

Looking for culinary or book-themed cozy mysteries, women's fiction with magical realism, romantic suspense + military romance #mswl

The Book Witch @KatRushall · 4 Mar 2016

An Alice Hoffman-esque MG or YA. Atmospheric magical realism w lovable chars, nuanced relationships, extra points for unusual setting #MSWL

Molly Ker Hawn @mollykh · 3 Mar 2016

I'm longing for literary fantasy/magical realism with a touch of horror—like THE (S & B) SORROWS OF AVA LAVENDER, or TENDER MORSELS. #mswl

A Woman Reading @AWomanReading · 29 Feb 2016

My number one hope is to find an author who writes gorgeous magical realism set in the southern USA. #MSWL #fingerscrossed

Amelia Appel @AmeliaLAppel · 11 Feb 2016

Literary fiction with oh-so-casual magical realism. Like THE PALE KING, where someone can hover above his desk and it's nbd. #MSWL

BookFish Books @BookFishBooks · 11 Feb 2016

#MSWL: #YA & #NA only. #SF w/ space or robots, #MR w/ steampunk or mythology, #CR w/ sports, #UF with unique dystopian or flawed utopian.

Rena *THE SISTERS OF THE WINTER WOOD* Rossner @renarossner · 11 Feb 2016

Fantasy in all genres: literary fantasy, magical realism, gaslamp fantasy...and more. #MSWL

Shira Hoffman @ShiraSHoffman · 11 Feb 2016

Women's fiction with magical realism a la The Lace Reader or The Girl Who Chased the Moon #mswl