Ann Leslie Tuttle @AnnLeslieTuttle · Jan 1

#MSWL. One 2019 resolution is to expand my representation to Middle Grade. I love these books, especially ones w/messages of hope/inclusion/diversity that may also address difficult emotional situations. And ones w/fantasy/superpowers. Please query me at

Eric Smith @ericsmithrocks · 31 Dec 2018

Melissa @melissasee

@ericsmithrocks What YA would you like have come across your desk?

When I open up for queries again (Springtime?), I am desperate for some more YA SFF genre blending novels, with the kind of expert world building I've seen in @RantingOwl @heidiheilig and @SanguMandanna's books. #MSWL

Naomi Davis @NaomisLitPix · 31 Dec 2018

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS #MSWL - Diversity in all its beautiful forms. Stories that ask important questions. Neurodiverse voices and characters welcome. Lots of #ownvoices.

Naomi Davis @NaomisLitPix · 31 Dec 2018

OPEN TO ADULT QS. #MSWL - Adult fantasy w/shocking connections between characters and setting, intricately explored in the culture and through the magic. Think BROKEN EARTH TRILOGY by N.K. JEMISIN.

Naomi Davis @NaomisLitPix · 31 Dec 2018

Naomi Davis is BIRTHDAYING and open to select qs @NaomisLitPix

OPEN TO ADULT QS. #MSWL - Adult fantasy w/ COMPLETELY DIFFERENT or thoroughly explored regency structure. Or without recency structure altogether. This is a frequent reason for rejections for my adult fantasy queries, so to expand on this a bit...

#MSWL - I see many queries where recency structure was used but was so generic, shallowly formed, &relied on reader assumptions... it sucked the life out of what was otherwise an enticing story. It lost an opportunity to be MORE. Make me yearn to discover what is DIFFERENT here.

Naomi Davis @NaomisLitPix · 31 Dec 2018

#MSWL (But give characters free will. Dodge chosen one trope. Wring drama out of character's CHOICE to do dangerous, sacrificial things, & dangle alternatives in tantalizing ways. Show them clinging to the right thing deliberately even when all signs point away.)

Naomi Davis @NaomisLitPix · 31 Dec 2018

OPEN TO ADULT QS. #MSWL - I want SFF with adult women in all stages of life. Or men who refuse to compromise themselves for appearances sake. Give me pregnant heroines, menopausal heroines, women late in life GETTING SHIT DONE like they do!

Naomi Davis @NaomisLitPix · 31 Dec 2018

OPEN TO ADULT QS. #MSWL - Adult fantasy with less-often-seen characters in starting role.  Give me King's chef, the keymaker, the breadmaker on an explosive, life-altering path. Show me the alien barber, the magical tailor, the captain of a space food truck.

Naomi Davis @NaomisLitPix · 31 Dec 2018

OPEN TO ADULT QS. #MSWL - Adult SFF with rich romantic layering. Give me complexity and stakes laced between both the romance and the fantasy conflict. Show me how magic and love work in tandem. Show me passion across galaxies. Light me on fire.

Naomi Davis @NaomisLitPix · 31 Dec 2018

OPEN TO ADULT QS. #MSWL - Adult fantasy with rich culture and fantasy religious/spiritual layering. Show me contrasts between cultures & deeply held beliefs of an unexpected nature. Let the characters be challenged by others. Let them discover gray areas between the differences.

Naomi Davis @NaomisLitPix · 31 Dec 2018

OPEN TO ADULT QS. #MSWL - Wild, different adult fantasy. Vivid worlds I've never imagined. Dramatic politics, high stakes in everything from making tea to blowing up the world. (Or perhaps making tea AS A MEANS TO blow up the world, mwuhuhuhuhuhhhh)

Naomi Davis @NaomisLitPix · 31 Dec 2018

OPEN TO ADULT QS. #MSWL - Adult SFF - The queerer the better! Sci fi or Fantasy with queerness embedded in culture; SFF that fearlessly reps gender/sexuality spectrum. (I am queer myself and want to see ways cultures could deal with queerness differently from our reality)

Naomi Davis @NaomisLitPix · 31 Dec 2018

OPEN TO ADULT QS. #MSWL - PILES OF Adult fantasy. If you give me familiar creatures (elves, dwarves) make them & their mythology EXPLOSIVELY different from traditional versions. No romance required, but romance (or just heat!) is welcome, too.

Lindsay Leggett @lindsayleggett_ · 28 Dec 2018

I'd love to see an SFF with swoon-worthy romance, the kind filled with angst and stakes #MSWL

Lauren Spieller @laurenspieller · 27 Dec 2018

Will someone please write me a fantasy set here? #mswl

Erica Bauman @Erica_Bauman · 21 Dec 2018

15) Light Adult fantasy. Show that thinks don’t get less magical after childhood. Comps like Practical Magic, Garden Spells, and The Night Circus. #MSWL

Natascha Morris @SoCalledYALife · 20 Dec 2018

Day 20 of #25DaysofMSWL: I am obsessed with HILDA. So give me fun adventures with a fantasy twist in MG and MG GN. #MSWL