Laura Crockett @LECrockett · 15h

Very specific: A, YA, or MG about a painter (or apprentice to, or child of) during the 1666 London Fire. Straight HF or hist fantasy #mswl 😍

Leon Husock @LeonHusock · 1d

#MSWL for Jewish religion/culture/mythology-inspired fantasy, a la @swan_tower 's Lady Trent series (or at least the religion in it).

Laura Crockett @LECrockett · 2d

#MSWLaesthetic Mechanics of creation. "Archaic" passions are intriguing&atmospheric esp w the right voice&narrative…

Navah Wolfe @navahw · 2d

Sperm whales never nap more than 6 to 24 minutes, but when they do, this is what they look like. More on…

Ever since reading Diane Duane's Deep Wizardry, I have wanted a deep sea fantasy book. Someone write me Whale Henge…

Quressa Robinson @qnrisawesome · 5d

Murdery Lady Protagonists 💀💀💀⚔️⚔️⚔️YA or Adult SF/F #MSWL

Whitley Abell @whitleyabell · 6d

There's no way I'm going to see every single #SFFPit tweet. If you think we're a good fit, query me w/ your #YA or #MG per guidelines in bio

Top of my SFF #MSWL list -- a book that warps mind blowing physics theories (ex, string theory, parallel universe) into wickedly smart story

Ashley Hammond @THEalhammond · 6d

My #MSWL for today's #SFFpit : Adult #FA , #SO , and #CF . If there's something you want me to see, let me know! @pandamoonpub

Leon Husock @LeonHusock · 1w

You know what's a really cool fantasy world? Kiki's Delivery Service.

#MSWL for this kind of fantasy where magic/magic users are a known/accepted part of life but not so common as to be ordinary.

Maria Vicente @msmariavicente · 1w

Witchcraft and dueling are now legal in Canada

This needs to be a YA book. Contemporary though, not fantasy. (Ok, so maybe light fantasy.) #MSWL

Beth Phelan @beth_phelan · 2w

Open to queries! High on my #MSWL : millennial upmarket fic, literary mystery, dark/scary YA F & voicey contemp. Marginalized voices, always.

Quressa Robinson @qnrisawesome · 2w

POC cowboys! Fantasy (epic/dark/historical) or space opera. #MSWL

The Magnificent Seven meets the Gunslinger #MSWL

Abby Schulman @AbbySchul · 2w

I love unique fantasy worlds. Less medieval Europe and more diverse settings, mythologies, technologies, govt structures, etc! #mswl #ya

Beth Phelan @beth_phelan · 3w

#MSWL -- I still like to draw imagined cities & maps and always love fantasy that has cool, fresh & fully-realized worlds & magic systems.

So same. #mswl (sorry Pete lol)

Peter Knapp @petejknapp · 3w

#MSWL -- I still like to draw imagined cities & maps and always love fantasy that has cool, fresh & fully-realized worlds & magic systems.

brandie coonis @iecoonis · 3w

I'd love to see some gritty/darker #MG - historical, horror, fantasy or crossover - not necessarily with happily ever afters #MSWL

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · 3w

"Middle Grade fantasy/adventure, preferably without a “portal to another world” element." @msmariavicente #MSWL

Sarah Guan @Sarah_Guan · 3w

We really need to talk about SFF's (but especially fantasy) obsession with having the proper blood

Thread! Also, #MSWL : fantasy where magic comes from hard work, natural resources, ingesting the right potion—system…