Jess Errera @thisJESStin · 4d

Exciting news: my Manuscript Wish List Page has gone live at https://t.co/CQU0MgV4EI Go poke around & see what's on my #MSWL (then send it!)

Saritza Hernandez☕️ @epubagent · 5d

#MSWL Space opera featuring female POC MC with an all-female crew. Even better if they're bounty hunters, space... https://t.co/ILfgYxWNkx

Kira @KiraWatsonESA · 1w

1) I want a dark (& lyrical) contemporary #YA that explores ideas of love (& love gone wrong) from a different perspective...

So, to sum it all up--send me a ms that will make me cry and feel all the things #mswl #OwnVoices #Diverse #amwriting

Janine Hauber Le @LoveableLines · 1w

Would love to see more characters from racially (or ethnically) mixed families. #mswl Will also take existing book recs!

Alex Y. Arnold @alexyarnold · 1w

I gravitate most towards magical realism, contemporary realistic, puzzle novels, & quirky/accessible fantasy

Anyway, if you've got anything that seems like a fit, I'd love to read! My #MSWL is here if you want to see more: https://t.co/yuljKjsGVM

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · 2w

"Diverse, geeky #YA love stories. In love with a rival at a video game tournament?" @ericsmithrocks #MSWL https://t.co/FQNLHBFeFm

Stacy Whitman @stacylwhitman · 2w

What I'm actively looking RN for #NewVisionsAward & more: diverse MG/YA novel/graphic novel w/ strong school/institutional appeal>

Particularly Native American, Muslim, Latinx w/ heritage from South America/Central America (set there or in US) #MSWL

Abby Schulman @AbbySchul · 2w

I love unique fantasy worlds. Less medieval Europe and more diverse settings, mythologies, technologies, govt structures, etc! #mswl #ya

Jessie Devine @Jessie_Devine · 4w

I'm in the mood for a YA about the ocean. Mermaids? Pirates? Something I didn't even know I needed? Gimme. Diverse cast a must. #MSWL

Stacy Whitman @stacylwhitman · May 24

I....might write woke Black farmer romance at some point https://t.co/SB4q2IM4bz I think you can understand why

@Karnythia <and now that's a big reason one of my #MSWL items is diverse rural settings for young readers.

Penny Moore @precociouspenny · May 23

I'm dying to see more diverse MG in my inbox. #mswl

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · May 12

"A diverse, contemporary YA novel about strong guy friendships. Think Poe and Finn. <3" @ericsmithrocks #MSWL https://t.co/FQNLHBFeFm

Jessie Devine @Jessie_Devine · May 11

I just saw the "contemporary is dead" discussion and look: The only reason you think contemporary is dead is because black folks own it now

I want contemporary. From black folks. And other POC folks. And queer folks and disabled folks. And really just giv… https://t.co/KNguPPskvp

Saritza Hernandez☕️ @epubagent · May 10

Would love to see narrative fiction in #YARom w/ #POC MC or #Queer MC in epistolary format. Think @rainbowrowell ’s ATTACHMENTS in YA. #MSWL

Laura Crockett @LECrockett · May 1

Short thread: I want to see books in diverse places by diverse authors, but I also want to see diverse fantastical elements.

Ditto this short thread. #mswl https://t.co/PjXR744F7s

Saritza Hernandez☕️ @epubagent · Apr 27

Would also love to see more Romantic Suspense or Historical Romance featuring POC and/or LGBTQIA MC. #MSWL