Michael R. Underwood @MikeRUnderwood · Jun 12

I guess I'll give this as a coda - Send @angryrobotbooks your sharply political cyberpunk that speculates forward from today. #MSWL

Soulful Golem @MiriamAnneW · Feb 9

WORK: Skateboarding girls from Bangalore, in @WildBeasts ' music video directed by Sasha Rainbow…

#mswl (but like, science fiction/near future--this, meets Maureen McHugh. Or these girls, but cyberpunk Bangalore)

Lisa Rodgers @_LisaRodgers · Mar 13 2016

Cyberpunk, but with "bloatware" and data throttling and contracts, like our cell phone plans. #mswl

Diana M. Pho @writersyndrome · Mar 10 2016

To add, I'm also looking for more sci-fi too, esp posthumanism, near-future, time travel, parallel universes, smart cyberpunk #mswl

Libby Murphy @Libby_Murphy · Feb 11 2016

#mswl Sci-fi romance. Space, futuristic, cyberpunk, biopunk, steampunk. Make it sexy and fun!

Thao Le @ThaoLe8 · Jun 30 2014

Somebody listen to this and write me a cyberpunk noir thriller. PLEASE! I'm thinking Orphan Black, but noir. #mswl