Jocelyn Dellar


Literary Agent @tctlit . Looking for wild, escapist children’s and YA fantasy with humour and heart.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Tin-Can Telephone Literary Agency

Jocelyn Dellar @velvet_selkie · May 11

Unusual pitches? I got ‘em! I had a discussion once about the legality and technical aspects of handmade books, bound in donated human skin & had a full out-of-body experience, just to stop screaming.

On the other hand... #mswl - I love a dark villainous magician!

Jocelyn Dellar @velvet_selkie · Apr 29

Are you creating a fashion firework or a literary diamond?

Writing to the latest trend might give you short-term success, but well-crafted writing retains its impact over time. And if you can hit both? #mswl

Jocelyn Dellar @velvet_selkie · Apr 24

I wake to surreality.

Son: I want to watch the thing with the walrus funfair and the pirate ship!

Me: Umm... #mswl

Jocelyn Dellar @velvet_selkie · 22 Nov 2017

Missing Terry Pratchett a lot today. Someone’s got to fill those shoes... #mswl #terrypratchett

Jocelyn Dellar @velvet_selkie · 21 Mar 2017

#MSWL This generation's Gil Scott-Heron. Anyone out there?