Amy Giuffrida
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Here are the ADULT GENRES I am seeking in 2022:
Women’s Fiction
Book Club/Commercial Fiction
Contemporary Romance/Rom-Coms
Non-Political Thrillers/Mysteries/Suspense
Historical Fiction - with a contemporary feel

Mara is resting with the chupacabras
Assistant Editor
🇵🇷 That witch from the Caribbean. Word witch @stmartinspress | @wednesdaybooks . Somewhere with the chupacabras. Opinions mine. (she/her)

and high concept thrillers. I want to see something different and fresh

- For contemporary, I’m looking for stories on the lighter side (friendships, romcoms, family, etc)

For Adult:

Basically what I said above. I also do category romance, women’s fiction centered on #MSWL

Lisa Mangum
By day, I'm the Editorial Manager for Shadow Mountain Publishing. By night, I write YA novels (Hourglass Door trilogy; After Hello). Weekends? #Supernatural

Submissions to Shadow Mountain Publishing will be moving to AGENTS ONLY on 1/1/22. The slush pile will, however, open once a quarter for unsolicited submissions.…
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Alexander Te Pohe
Editor @EntangledPub | Words in Australian Poetry, KYD, Portside Review, Strange Horizons | #RabbleReviews | 30 | Māori | trans man | bi | Pronouns: He/Him |

I'd love to see more submissions from trans women and trans feminine folks. I'm currently considering YA, NA, and adult romance books. I love fantasy, contemporary books, and women's fiction. I'm not too keen on horror, thrillers, and suspense #MSWL

Weronika (/vɛ.rɔˈɲi.ka/) (Veronica) E. K. Janczuk
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Lit. agent @ JLA, which I designed m'self. 🇵🇱. @NYUGallatin alumna. Lover of persons, saints, ♥s, intelligentsias, impact, + books. A mini Lisbeth Salander.
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Okay, question for all ye genies: the best romance or women's fiction novels featuring partners with significant age differences? I'll take any (LOLITA, etc.), but I'm keen on something v. healthy, good, etc., especially where you have a female gifted + precocious. (Into: #MSWL.)

A Woman Reading
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BookEnds Literary
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It's Tuesday! Here's your #MSWL for today, from @BookEndsKim: "She’s eager to find big, sweeping love stories that will appeal to book club readers, and straddle the romance and women’s fiction markets."

Lauren Younker
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New Year, New Bryn!
Author, blogger, optimist, kidney donor, rescue dog lover. Executive editor, Hallmark Publishing at #hallmarkchannel . she/her
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Still looking for romance, women's fiction, and cozy mystery BOOK proposals SET AT THE BEACH. If you've published in the genre, you don't need an agent. You just need a killer 3 - 5 pp double-spaced synopsis. DM me for email.

#MSWL #WritingCommunity #hallmark

Kim Lionetti
Literary Agent
Literary agent of adult and young adult fiction. Autism mom. British period drama addict. Gosling aficionado. Penn State alum. She/her.
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And women's fiction/romance with magical realism or a speculative twist, like You Were There Too and In Five Years.

New Year, New Bryn!
Author, blogger, optimist, kidney donor, rescue dog lover. Executive editor, Hallmark Publishing at #hallmarkchannel . she/her
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Also under beach reads: original and emotional women's fiction, family/sisters/friends, romantic subplot, beautiful setting.
#MSWL #amwriting #WritingCommunity

Bibi Lewis
Literary Agent
Agent at the Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency. Lifelong New Yorker and forever bookworm. she/her
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Sweep me away to a historical period I know nothing about but become instantly obsessed with. Give me intrigue, give me characters for days, take me outside of Western Europe #mswl can be either romance or book club/WF!

Jessica Mileo
Literary Agent
Lit. Agent at @Inkwellmgmt | #BlackLivesMatter |🇨🇺 in publishing | 🌈 She/Her | My opinions are my own
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I am in the ultimate cozy reading mood with this beautiful 65 degree morning. #amquerying authors, please send me all the adult rom-coms, upmarket/book club, women's fiction! #mswl

P.S. Literary Agency
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Allison Remcheck
Literary Agent
Professional reader and literary agent at Stimola Literary Studio. @StimolaLiterary

And trying something new. I’m open to women’s fiction and memoir. And am particularly interested in diverse and BIPOC voices for every genre. #MSWL

Emily Rodmell
Editor at HarperCollins / Harlequin Love Inspired Books. Lives for sunny days & city life. Instagram: NYC_Editor_Life, Facebook: Emily Rodmell, Editor
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Agents: I'd love to see inspirational romantic suspense, thrillers, historical romance, historical fiction and women's fiction proposals and/or full manuscripts for Love Inspired Trade. 80K-100K words. Open to additional inspirational genres as well. #MSWL

Mary Altman
LGBTQIA+ geek, book nerd, and Sourcebooks editor. All opinions are my own. she/her

I'm in a serious mood for complicated New Adult or WF that has me huddled in a corner SOBBING. Hit me with all your angsty feels and desperate emotion! (But preferably find a way to end happily so I'm not devastated for weeks, thanks.) #MSWL

New Year, New Bryn!
Author, blogger, optimist, kidney donor, rescue dog lover. Executive editor, Hallmark Publishing at #hallmarkchannel . she/her
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2. Emotional stories and series ideas specifically geared toward Mahogany original movies, romance or women's fiction. Robyn Carr's Virgin River series on Netflix is a good comp here.

#MSWL #Romancelandia #WritingCommunity