Rachel Cone-Gorham
Literary Agent
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Is there anything better than picking the 📚 you'll bring on a long ✈️? I'm 👀🔎 for page turners that make 6 hour flights feel like 2, transformative non fiction, 🤣 romances, tearjerkers😭, heart breakers💔 open to genre, fiction/nonfiction adult #MSWL #WritingCommunity

Ameerah Holliday
Literary Agent
“The very time I thought I was lost, / My dungeon shook and my chains fell off” Dancer | Poetess | Revolution | Agent - Serendipity Lit | Opinions are my own

- Gen Z mental health (NF)
- Book on Fashion/hip hop/Queer Ballroom time in history (NF)
- Breakdown of Therapy Speak (NF)

Also take a look at my #MSWL

Maura Kye-Casella
Literary Agent
Literary agent at Don Congdon Associates, Inc.

#WritingCommunity #MSWL #illustrators I’m currently seeking NF works involving #Astrology #Tarot #Zodiac and Crystals. Please only query if you have a book proposal ready to share✨🔮🌙

Literary Agent
I write a little each day. I read a lot each day. Real life is the best fiction. Grateful for publishing friends.

In fiction: speculative, magical realism, horror, romance. In NF: narrative NF, memoir, biography, immigrant stories, cultural commentary, people in history, lesser known professions and crafts (builders, designers, architects), musicians/artists/creators, daredevils, athletes.

Morgan Strehlow
Literary Agent
📝 literary agent + creative collaborator 🎧 podcast host @sanctuarywoman 🎾 former athlete + sports industry pro 📚 academia w/ @seanstrehlow

Quickly popping back on here to say that I'm eager to see more women's sports stories in my query inbox.
Fiction and non-fiction.
Query link is in bio.
#mswl #amquerying #questpit

Meg Reid
Director, @hubcitypress . She/her. Canadian in the South 🍁. Way over yonder in the minor key. Tweets are 100% my own and don’t represent HCWP.

my nonfiction #mswl : memoir, anthologies, and single narrative nonfiction about all facets of Southern culture / by writers who claim the South as home. Essay collections but need to truly sing (and be complete). Proposals and in-prog okay for longer narrative projects.

Meg Reid
Director, @hubcitypress . She/her. Canadian in the South 🍁. Way over yonder in the minor key. Tweets are 100% my own and don’t represent HCWP.

You have a few more days to submit to @HubCityPress 's nonfiction reading period! Good reasons to:

1) we love unagented work!
2) we still need a southern literary nonfiction title for 2026
3) we have good taste (imo) and love braided / lyric narratives


Mira Landry
Literary Agent
Associate Literary Agent @corvisierolit ~ Writer, Reader, Runner ~ You can do it, I believe in you.

Non-Fic #MSWL request. I'd love to see a narrative non-fic about running—humorous & uplifting voice be great. Memoir-esque, but informative.

Author must have a platform, and ideally either will have been a competitive runner or coach/trainer but not necessary.

Mara Hollander
Literary Agent
she/her. associate agent @FinePrintLit and SFF writer. ✡️. Hoyas 🏀. Nationals ⚾️. Recovering Nagano '98 apologist 🥈⛸.

I made some tiny updates to my #MSWL to reflect a few more things I'm excited to see (and maybe remove a few things that haven't been working for me). If you comp What Happened in Skinner, please query me!!

Jes Trudel
Literary Agent
Assistant Agent at The Rights Factory. OPEN!

- near future speculative, where Earth is *almost* the same, but changes reflect and comment on our current social, political, and environmental trajectory.
- novels in verse that explore the beauty and darkness kids face daily

Rebecca Podos
Literary Agent
Senior Agent at the Rees Literary Agency. Lambda Award-winning author, sometimes. FROM DUST, A FLAME out now, AT MIDNIGHT up next. Rep @ericsmithrocks She/they
128 MSWL

In NON-FICTION (the new stuff!!) I'm wading in and would love to see:

- Deep dives into nerdy topics like TTRPG’s, cosplay, fandoms, etc.
- A strong narrative voice paired with expertise, with comps like Radium Girls, The Victorian and the Romantic, Why Fish Don’t Exist

Uwe Stender
Literary Agent
Founder @triadaus , Literary/Film Agent. Herthaner. Berliner Schnauze. Westend. Qualität kommt von Qual. 1982,1991, 2013, 2017. Books, Films, Music. ❤ Berlin ❤
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My current #MSWL . I am in particular looking for YA Thrillers, Romance, Boarding School settings, and Graphic Novels. On the Adult side, I'd love to see more Popular Science and Narrative Nonfiction, as well as Romance, and Thrillers...but there is more! 😎

Colleen Oefelein
Literary Agent
Literary Agent MacGregor & Luedeke Lit Christian Disabled Veteran PTSD warrior Penn State alum Also Author CM McCoy: EERIE Loves Irish dance, space & Pokemon
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In ADULT and CHILDRENS Nonfiction:
- True Crime
- High-profile memoir
- Cookbooks

March 2024 #MSWL

Amy Bishop-Wycisk
Literary Agent
Pronounced why-zick. NYC. Literary agent at @trellislit . Opinions my own. Cat mom; fast talker; Garamond enthusiast; she/her. @SUNYGeneseo alum.
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And I'm always happy to see bighearted book club fiction, social horror, narrative nonfiction in the history and science categories, and YA! The best way to get to me is via Query Manager - I'm not currently accepting queries via e-mail unless specifically requested! (/end)

Sherri Wilson Johnson
Literary Agent
Author. Wife. Mom to peeps & dogs. Jesus, not Religion. Beach lover. DoO / Assoc. Literary Agent at #gardnerliterary . Self-publishing Coach.

#amQuerying authors, we're looking for non-fiction books on #neurodivergence in adults by authors with a strong platform. No DMs. See submission guidelines here: rachellegardner.com/submissions #MSWL #WritingCommunity #nonfiction

Sherri Wilson Johnson
Literary Agent
Author. Wife. Mom to peeps & dogs. Jesus, not Religion. Beach lover. DoO / Assoc. Literary Agent at #gardnerliterary . Self-publishing Coach.

Querying authors, we're looking for non-fiction books about the intersection of #faith and culture; asking hard questions about faith. No DMs. See submission guidelines: rachellegardner.com/submissions #MSWL #InspyBooks #WritingCommunity

Julia McCarthy
Editor at Atheneum (S&S) by day, purveyor of dad jokes by night, eternal sea hag. My tweets are my own. she/her 🇧🇷🇺🇸 Avatar @NicoleGoux bit.ly/juliabooks
101 MSWL

Hi cuties! Who’s got a picture book text about the Amazon? Fiction or nonfiction, or a little bit of both—I’ve got a hankering! #MSWL

Lauren Appleton
Senior Editor at Avery/TarcherPerigee, a @penguinrandom imprint. I enjoy wit and sarcasm. She/Her

Hey nonfiction agents! I'm hungry for more projects. Looking for self-help, inspiration/motivation, social justice, creativity, platform-driven humor, and more. To see what I've been up to, click here: pinterest.com/beckerlj/books-ive-edited/