By Literary Assistants

James McGowan @jmcgowanbks · Jun 24

I'm dying (ha) to read a crime novel that I can't put down right now. Something along the lines of Attica Locke, Steph Cha, Oyinkan Braithwaite, and Liz Moore. I'd love to see more marginalized characters/writers in the crime space in general #MSWL

James McGowan @jmcgowanbks · May 6

I'd love a good book in my inbox set around a courtroom drama. Something beautifully written and suspenseful like Miracle Creek, or Take it Back, or Nineteen Minutes, or Defending Jacob. I like courtroom dramas, okay #MSWL

Jessica @jcehare · Apr 22

We're open to submissions! Guidelines here: I'm looking for voice-driven narratives across genres mainly in MG, teen and YA, series & standalone. Drawn to immersive settings. Good writing and strong characters vital. Feel-good and funny esp welcome #MSWL

James McGowan @jmcgowanbks · Apr 1

#QueryUpdate-- I'm all caught up on all queries, and reading/enjoying my last three submissions. I've updated my #MSWL on our website, and would love to see your query if you have something that fits. Just go here:

💤🍩📧 @zoebodzas · Feb 27

hello writing world, please bring me a wild & gorgeous coming-of-age graphic novel like ON A SUNBEAM or MY FAVORITE THING IS MONSTERS #mswl

James McGowan @jmcgowanbks · Feb 13

I am actively digging through my inbox looking for: #MSWL
▪️Humorous PBs
▪️PB/MG NF about science or history topics
▪️Adult mystery/suspense in the vein of Oyinkan Braithwaite, Steph Cha, Alex North, Tana French
▪️Upmarket family stories
▪️Horror: Psychological! Ghosts!

James McGowan @jmcgowanbks · Jan 23

I'm all caught up on queries and working my way through all January submissions. Eager to find my next new project!
Looking for:
PB fiction & non-fiction
MG non-fiction & humorous fiction
Adult Mystery, Thriller, Literary & Upmarket #MSWL #QueryUpdate

James McGowan @jmcgowanbks · Jan 10

I finally watched The Post (2017) and holy hot damn that was a hell of a movie. I want a historical novel on my list as tense and informative and relevant as that was. #MSWL

James McGowan @jmcgowanbks · Jan 10

I’m actively seeking submissions in:
Literary/Upmarket fiction
Mystery, Crime, Thriller
Humorous middle grade fiction
Middle grade non-fiction
All picture books (fiction & non-fiction)

James McGowan @jmcgowanbks · Jan 10

We’re sharing our 2020 Must Haves graphics over at @bookendslit. Here’s mine. I’d love to see a query from you! #MSWL

James McGowan @jmcgowanbks · 8 Oct 2019

Ashley Congdon @AshleyCCongdon

@jamerrson What themes, topics, styles, etc. excite you right now for picture books? #askagent

Replying to @AshleyCCongdon

Is it fair to say everything? If I had to choose, non-fiction is most exciting to me right now, and I’m especially looking for some climate/environment related stuff. But I always love funny pbs. #MSWL

Phoebe Low @_lowpH · 24 Sep 2019

it has been brought to my attention that today is #MSWL day! I'd love to see more:
- humor / sass
- lyrical prose in all genres - hit me like the prologues of STRANGE THE DREAMER / IN THE WOODS
- Family Emotions in the vein of FAR FROM THE TREE / THIS IS US