By Literary Assistants

Susan Velazquez @susannprogress · 12 Sep 2018

For historical fic: fave time periods are 19th century and 20th century (especially 1900s-1960s). Bonus points for female protags defying the then order. Double bonus points if MCs are 1st/2nd gen Americans. #MSWL

Susan Velazquez @susannprogress · 12 Sep 2018

Time to share my #MSWL! For SFF: Black Mirror-esque thrillers that imagine the dark and twisted places tech could take us. My fave eps were "Nosedive" and "Men Against Fire." Also want fantasies built on myths and legends, especially from diverse cultures.

Brenna English-Loeb @benglishhh · 1 Aug 2018

I’m having a real craving for something set on the Alaskan coast, perhaps dealing with working class magical traditions? #MSWL

Agent Auggie @agentauggie · 4 Jul 2018

Still actively seeking a manuscript where a brave dog defeats fireworks once and for all. #MSWL

Sophie Clarke @not_quite_cool · 12 May 2018

Thanks to @NickRossOrch my Saturday night #mswl is a YA set in the heyday of big band music with deep knowledge of all the tunes and star turns from famous faces. Someone make it happen, please? 🎼🎵🎶

Brenna English-Loeb @benglishhh · 12 Sep 2017

Would love to see noir detective stories set in almost any other genre but the mystery must be central/taken seriously! #mswl

Brenna English-Loeb @benglishhh · 7 Sep 2017

Fuck it send me your 🎾tennis stories 🎾#mswl and if you can work in a calamity song ref all the better #shameless

Brenna English-Loeb @benglishhh · 5 Sep 2017

#mswl I reread Fire & Hemlock recently and I'm still in the mood for complex fairy tale adaptations—hit me up!

Agent Auggie @agentauggie · 4 Jul 2017

I'm seeking a novel about a brave dog who defeats fireworks once and for all. #MSWL

brandie coonis @iecoonis · 6 Jun 2017

I'd love to see some gritty/darker #MG - historical, horror, fantasy or crossover - not necessarily with happily ever afters #MSWL

Agent Auggie @agentauggie · 22 May 2017

Looking for powerful, character-driven sci-fi novels that feature corgis. #MSWL

Agent Auggie @agentauggie · 8 Feb 2017

I'm actively seeking fiction that reflects the joys of the world around us. The best parts of being alive. #MSWL

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