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Sam B. Farkas @SamBFarkas · Feb 5

Sam B. Farkas @SamBFarkas

Hi! Since I am now open to queries, I'm going to do a #MSWL thread. I'm open to most categories and genres (see our website for details), but I'm especially eager for the following:

Adult Historical Fiction.

Think Kate Quinn or Alice Hoffman -- upmarket book club fiction that brings history to life.

Favorites: WATER FOR ELEPHANTS by Sara Gruen; THE HUNTRESS by Kate Quinn; THE DOVEKEEPERS by Alice Hoffman; I SHALL BE NEAR TO YOU by Erin Lindsay McCabe #MSWL

Davinia Andrew-Lynch @nocturnalreader · Feb 5

If you're wondering where my #MSWL mindset is at - just finished watching another ep of @RadSechrist @Netflix #kipoandtheageofwonderbeasts with my eldest. LOVING IT!

Lilly needs a coffee @WonderLilly · Feb 5

I am technically closed to submissions right now, but I can't get over how challenging it was for one of our pubs to find an African/diaspora picture book artist (they didn't). So now my door is wide open to African artists because that is frankly absurd. #MSWL #kidlit #art

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · Feb 5

“I’m in the mood for some 1920s/1950s upmarket fiction with vivid historical settings.” @readbystephanie #MSWL

Dr. Uwe Stender @UweStenderPhD · Feb 5

For my current #MSWL click on the picture to see all the details. You can also always find my most recent manuscript wishlist on the Triada US website.

Julie Gwinn @JulieGwinn · Feb 5

#MSWL home, lifestyle, garden, decorating, nesting, cooking non-fiction. Because it is what I'm interested in as a reader and agent.
#amwriting #writingcommunity #amagenting

Tara Gilbert 🔮✨ @Literary_Tara · Feb 4

Can I get retellings of public domain books by POC authors? I'd love to see more of that in my box. ❤ #mswl

Adria Goetz @adriamgoetz · Feb 4

I got my hair cut today and there was a tiny, precious 4-year-old boy getting his hair cut at the station next to me. Stylist said he keeps a stuffed animal around for the boys because the clippers scare them.🥺

Long story short, I NEED to rep a "first hair cut" PB.💈#MSWL

Elena Giovinazzo @elenagiovinazzz · Feb 4

Just putting this out there. I’d love to take on a literary YA author this year. Think @JasonReynolds83 meets @nina_lacour , or something totally different! Just as long the story is beautiful and fresh and MATTERS. #mswl

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · Feb 4

“Nonfiction: history of pop culture topic, lifestyle for millennials, vegan cooking, intersection of feminism and pop culture.” @msmariavicente #MSWL