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Susan Velazquez @susannprogress · 8 Nov 2019

If you are a pop culture or music writer obsessed with the girl groups and boy bands of the 00s (Dream, 3LW, A*Teens, Dreamstreet) hmu because I’d love to find a non fic narrative about 00s music scene and how it paved the way for pop music today #mswl

Susan Velazquez @susannprogress · 2 Nov 2018

Discussing the fucked up reality that the blizzard and horrifying world of child stars. Definitely want a fic or non fic about the dark side of Hollywood (especially for kids/teens) to my #mswl Writers, if you got that @ me!

Susan Velazquez @susannprogress · 12 Sep 2018

I also want to add that I'm open to all kinds of historical fic--thrillers, fantasy, mysteries, women's fic, YA, etc, etc. I JUST LOVE BEING IN A DIFFERENT TIME PERIOD. #mswl

Susan Velazquez @susannprogress · 12 Sep 2018

YA: I want stories with mother/daughter relationships a la Lady Bird. Also just rewatched Clueless and I want more zany rom-coms with a clever, confident protags. Ten million points if MC is Latina. #MSWL

Susan Velazquez @susannprogress · 12 Sep 2018

For historical fic: fave time periods are 19th century and 20th century (especially 1900s-1960s). Bonus points for female protags defying the then order. Double bonus points if MCs are 1st/2nd gen Americans. #MSWL

Susan Velazquez @susannprogress · 12 Sep 2018

Time to share my #MSWL! For SFF: Black Mirror-esque thrillers that imagine the dark and twisted places tech could take us. My fave eps were "Nosedive" and "Men Against Fire." Also want fantasies built on myths and legends, especially from diverse cultures.