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Literary Agent at The Nash Agency. Author of WAITING FOR APRIL. Law student. Horse rider. Eater of chips. Awkward hugger. Short. Loud. Easily distracted. What?

South Australia, Australia

The Nash Agency

Jaime Collins @JaimeLoren · 12 Aug 2019


I see a LOT of thriller queries from the detective's POV.

I would LOVE to see something from the killer's POV.

Dark humour.

Please send it to me (as per sub guidelines at The Nash Agency)!



Jaime Collins @JaimeLoren · 12 Sep 2018

Jessica Sinsheimer @jsinsheim

Good morning! It's #MSWL day!

Agents + editors will be tweeting what they wish they had in their inboxes.

Writers can take note of which agents may be a good fit, and then submit work traditionally.

Need any help? @kkhendin and I are standing by!

I've been pretty vocal in the past week about what I'm looking for, but I'll say it again with the #MSWL tag!

- Thrillers! 😳 (Adult & YA)
- Horror! 😰 (Adult & YA)
- Contemporary YA 😎
- Speculative 🤔😍 (YA & adult)
- Fantasy ⚔️🔮🛡🐉(MG/YA/adult)
- Hilarious MG 😂

Jaime Collins @JaimeLoren · 28 Jun 2018

Writers! We are looking for crime and thrillers (with a unique twist--the darker the better!), historical fiction (not romance at this stage), narrative non-fiction and diverse voices!

Please follow the submission guidelines on our website: thenashagency.com.au.