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Brooklyn, NY

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Rachael Stein @rachaeljstein · 1 Jul 2019

Eating chicken and rice from a Chinese food truck for lunch and thinking about how this combo transcends so many cultures. Has there ever been a picture book about the many kinds of perfection that is chicken and rice? #MSWL

Rachael Stein @rachaeljstein · 29 Jan 2019

Also, while I'm thinking about picture books and being Asian, where are my picture books with hapas? I know they're out there, but are there any that specifically use the word "hapa"? #mswl

Rachael Stein @rachaeljstein · 5 Jun 2018

Dear world, I would love to see more children's books with drag queens. In YA, MG, even picture books. I want it all! Please and thank you! #MSWL