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Editor @ HarperCollins (Avon/WilliamMorrow). CA girl in the big city. Reader/Editor of dirty(ish) books & tweeter of dirty(ish) things. Opinions=mine

New York City


Nicole Fischer @nicolefischer13 · 10 Apr 2019

Book twitter! I'm looking at my list for 2020 and I'd LOVEEEE a fluffy, happy, fun, winter-y (holiday?!?) romantic comedy by an author of color, featuring main characters of color! If you are writing this now... please send it to me at @avonbooks!!! #mswl #romancelandia

Nicole Fischer @nicolefischer13 · 28 Mar 2018

What's an #editor gal gotta do to get a damn secret baby book these days??? Somebody, for the love of all that is holy in #Romancelandia, send me one PLEASE. #mswl

Nicole Fischer @nicolefischer13 · 31 Mar 2017

I've said it once, I'll say it again. Older brother's best friend... in an historical romance! Give me that. Right now. #AskAvonBks #mswl

Nicole Fischer @nicolefischer13 · 4 Mar 2016

You know what I haven't seen in a while? An older brother's best friend/best friend's little sister... historical! I want! #mswl #askavonbks

Nicole Fischer @nicolefischer13 · 4 Mar 2016

I love reading about a sassy, feisty heroine. She doesn't have to be sweet and perfect to get the hero! #askavonbks #mswl

Nicole Fischer @nicolefischer13 · 4 Mar 2016

Anyone out there working on a romantic suspense with FBI agents and/or serial killers? Tell me all about it! #mswl #wip #askavonbks

Nicole Fischer @nicolefischer13 · 4 Mar 2016

I've said it once, I'll say it again. Give me those secret babies!!!! #AskAvonBks #MSWL