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Nicole Frail @nfrail17 · 11 Jul 2018

Wanted: Potential arts/crafts author who has fun playing (cutting, folding, coloring) with paper!

Also Wanted: Potential parenting author who has experience with babies and sleep/bedtime routines.

DM me for more info! #MSWL #crafting #parenting #amwriting

Nicole Frail @nfrail17 · 21 May 2018

Wanted: Potential cookbook author who can write quickly about an easy and fun, sweet and savory topic. Bonus points if they take their own quality photos. Food bloggers welcome. :) DM me for more info! #MSWL #cookbooks #amwriting

Nicole Frail @nfrail17 · 3 Jan 2017

Am looking for crafters who like the beach. PM or email me if you're into writing, #crafting/#DIY, and the coast! #MSWL

Nicole Frail @nfrail17 · 21 Oct 2016

Okay, crafters and creative types, who makes their own soap? And likes to write? DM or email. #MSWL #crafts #hobbies

Nicole Frail @nfrail17 · 18 Oct 2016

#MSWL for my @skyhorsepub Fall '17 list: house/home, crafts/hobbies, gardening/nature, humor, mind/body/spirit, parenting, pets, travel.

Nicole Frail @nfrail17 · 30 Aug 2016

Do you write Mediterranean recipes or have an interest in doing so? Yes? DM or email me! #MSWL #amwriting

Nicole Frail @nfrail17 · 6 Jun 2016

Recent #MSWL successes! Can't wait to work with you both, @CreativeCarissa & @mflowrites!

Nicole Frail @nfrail17 · 18 May 2016

So these are adorable: Anyone out there know how to make them and want to write about it? #MSWL #terrariums #DIY

Nicole Frail @nfrail17 · 11 May 2016

If you love #chickpeas, cooking, and writing, email or DM me please! #amwriting #cooking #MSWL

Nicole Frail @nfrail17 · 28 Apr 2016

Who likes cooking for one, has/wants a cool collection of mugs, and wants to write about it all? Msg/email me. #amwriting #MSWL

Nicole Frail @nfrail17 · 24 Mar 2016

Who wants to talk to me about smoothie bowls? (#MSWL Ahem.) Msg me, or email.

Nicole Frail @nfrail17 · 4 Mar 2016

Can anyone point me in the direction of someone who creates their own garden fairies, gnomes, etc.? #crafts #gardening #amwriting #MSWL

Nicole Frail @nfrail17 · 4 Mar 2016

If you sew, knit, crochet, quilt, or anything similar and have always wanted to write a craft book, DM or email me. #amwriting #crafts #MSWL

Nicole Frail @nfrail17 · 4 Feb 2016

Been looking for a DIY home fragrance (candles, sprays, lotion, incense) MS for a while. Who has one for me? #nonfiction #mswl #crafting