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Melissa Ann Singer @maseditor · 19 Oct 2018

Joel Cunningham @joelevard

Is it too early to declare 2019 the Year of Sprawling Science Fantasy Novels That Giddily Give Zero Fucks for Genre Rules?

No, it is not.

I've loved science fantasy since I first read Anne McCaffrey, Philip Jose Farmer's Riverboat stuff, and any number of other things in my adolescence.

Agents, send me more! #MSWL

Melissa Ann Singer @maseditor · 30 Apr 2018

The Unique Architecture of Jewish India -…
synagogues in India.
I have long wanted to know more about Judaism in Asia & along the trade routes.

Melissa Ann Singer @maseditor · 1 Mar 2018

left out of this report is the fact that the attempted murderer is suspected of murdering someone in Russia before coming to the US (cited by NYDailyNews & NYTimes)

Melissa Ann Singer @maseditor · 22 Feb 2018

Replying to @DorianMaffei

my wall calendar this year is Gorey.
when I was a teen, I occasionally saw him in midtown Manhattan. later I realized he was probably headed to the theater district to work on Dracula.

so if you ever get this #MSWL, please send it my way!

Melissa Ann Singer @maseditor · 30 Jun 2016

Melissa Ann Singer @maseditor

also looking for horror set in cities. so much of what I see is small-town stuff.

Replying to @maseditor

oops, one final note on horror: do not send me Christian-inspired end-of-days stuff. I'm not the right editor for it.