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Jenny Chen @jennychen_jc · Feb 26

Run Film @OfficialRunFilm

This Mother’s Day… RUN. Watch the official trailer for #RunFilm - In theaters on May 8.

I will always want a twisted mom book. Switched at birth. Who's your "real" mom? What does it matter? I've also been seeing some speculative robo/AI-mom stories out there with comment on guardianship, biological and not. Yes to that, too. Give me something truly sinister. #MSWL

Jenny Chen @jennychen_jc · Jan 3

It's mother effing 2020--where my GD asian american crime writers at?! #MSWL @CrimeWoC @SINCnational @aaww

I need you. Come find me.

Jenny Chen @jennychen_jc · 24 Sep 2019

And last but not least: a body part collector (yes, this means serial killer). I said teeth yesterday. I would love something about teeth collecting. But any body part would also work. #MSWL

Jenny Chen @jennychen_jc · 24 Sep 2019

Stories by and/or about investigative reporters. I love fiction inspired by true crime. Podcasts? Send it my way! #MSWL

Jenny Chen @jennychen_jc · 24 Sep 2019

Dolls! Where have all the doll thrillers been?! #MSWL

Jenny Chen @jennychen_jc · 24 Sep 2019

Sami Isman @SamiIsman

On that same note, relationships between mothers and daughters always fascinate me... think The Act or Sharp Objects (minus the Munchausen by Proxy) #MSWL

I will never not want stories about fraught mother-daughter-ships. It doesn't matter what genre I'm working in--this is KEY to what I'm looking for in stories. #MSWL

Jenny Chen @jennychen_jc · 7 Dec 2018

Tis friday noon but I want a story about an exhausted mom who goes to gas up her car after driving around in circles to help her infant fall asleep, leaves her baby in the car seat when going inside to pay at the counter and comes back to find her baby gone. #MSWL #writingprompt

Jenny Chen @jennychen_jc · 12 Sep 2018

But also, here are things I'm always looking for:
as an umbrella: the exploration of human resiliency via crime lens.
--indigenous/native protagonists #MMIW
--thriller/suspense set in a cabin in the woods
--serial killers
--creepy dolls and/or wells

Jenny Chen @jennychen_jc · 12 Sep 2018

Is it still #MSWL day? It's simple: I just want the movie PEPPERMINT in novel form. Otherwise known as a commercial domestic thriller that packs a punch, is action-packed, and tugs at the heart strings all at the same time.

Jenny Chen @jennychen_jc · 5 Jul 2018

Samantha Wekstein @SWekstein

I'd like to see some villains who may not really be villainous after all. #MSWL

Me too! I fall head-over-heels for villains who aren't villains in their own eyes, and are, at their core, driven by love. Who/what does your villain love and how does that set them on a warpath? Put some blood in/on/around/all over the ms and send it my way. :) #MSWL

Jenny Chen @jennychen_jc · 4 Apr 2018

I just saw a book review that used the words "newspaper reporter procedural" and thank goodness someone finally put it in terms! That IS a genre, and I want all of them! #MSWL more investigative journalist/reporter procedurals!

Jenny Chen @jennychen_jc · 19 Mar 2018

This is a PSA! Wind River is now on @netflix. You have no excuse not to go watch it. Right. Now. Also, total #MSWL. I want a crime narrative shedding light on #MMIW.…