Ashley Wyrick @ashley_wyrick · 23 Jun 2019

Ayo #authors! I've got some time to explore a library of submissions. πŸ€“Send me your #YA or #MG masterpieces! #scifi #mswl #Kansas #Roadtrip

Ashley Wyrick @ashley_wyrick · 31 May 2019

YA romances that feel like a K-Drama. All spectums from Goblin: The Great and Lonely God to Boys Over Flowers. #mswl

Ashley Wyrick @ashley_wyrick · 31 May 2019

Twisty-turney timey-wimey YA Speculative Fiction. #mswl

Ashley Wyrick @ashley_wyrick · 31 May 2019

Light-hearted coming of age MG fantasy. Includes strong relationship themes and silly humor. #mswl

Ashley Wyrick @ashley_wyrick · 6 Jan 2019

YA Mystery/Thriller with strong friendgroup themes. Think How to Get Away with Murder. #MSWL

Ashley Wyrick @ashley_wyrick · 5 Jan 2019

On the hunt again with another #mswl tweet. YA or MG with an unreliable MC.

Ashley Wyrick @ashley_wyrick · 28 Jun 2018

Does anyone have a SF Horror?? I'm talking dark and scary. #SFFpit #MSWL

Ashley Wyrick @ashley_wyrick · 27 Jun 2018

Somebody please send me a YA dark fantasy with elements of romance. I'm really craving some tension and angst. #MSWL Message me! 😊😊

Ashley Wyrick @ashley_wyrick · 13 Sep 2016

Creepy, ugly dystopias with despicable characters you end up falling in love with. #MSWL