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Editor for Jolly Fish Press. Sci-fi YA thrillers, horror for MG and YA, emotionally deep fantasy, contemporary with a twist.


Jolly Fish Press

TJ da Roza @TJdaRozaEditor · 13 Sep 2016

Creepy MG and Adult horror. Creepy like @ericsmithrocks starts-appearing-everywhere-and-now-your-corgi-is-missing creepy #MSWL

TJ da Roza @TJdaRozaEditor · 13 Sep 2016

Adult satire/comedy in the vein of HITCHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY #MSWL

TJ da Roza @TJdaRozaEditor · 13 Sep 2016

MG adventure that explores the beauty and innocence of imagination. M/F MCs in a non-romantic relationship and the girl isn't a Tomboy #MSWL

TJ da Roza @TJdaRozaEditor · 22 Apr 2016

#GameofThrones meets #TheOffice Dwight finds a body entombed in jello while Little Finger smirks at the camera. #MSWL

TJ da Roza @TJdaRozaEditor · 17 Mar 2016

A pitch on #PitMad got me thinking. Can someone please give me a romance set in Hell? #MSWL

TJ da Roza @TJdaRozaEditor · 29 Feb 2016

I'll go on record: #HamiltonMusical has THE best STRUCTURE of any musical I have ever seen! Want to get published? WRITE LIKE THAT! #mswl

TJ da Roza @TJdaRozaEditor · 26 Feb 2016

Please write me this! Im sick of stupid characters #MSWL

TJ da Roza @TJdaRozaEditor · 11 Feb 2016

Sci fi thriller with just a hint of romance, not the driving force! #MSWL

TJ da Roza @TJdaRozaEditor · 11 Feb 2016

Adventurous, magical #MG with best friends m/f that shows the beauty of imagination and innocence #MSWL

TJ da Roza @TJdaRozaEditor · 11 Feb 2016

I want brilliance parading as stupidity. Satire parading as irrelevance. Story parading as nonsense. #MSWL

TJ da Roza @TJdaRozaEditor · 11 Feb 2016

If your work could be related to Dark Souls or Bloodborne, I want to see it! #MSWL

TJ da Roza @TJdaRozaEditor · 8 Feb 2016

Ok, so not the videogame party, but the rest. Write me that! #mswl

TJ da Roza @TJdaRozaEditor · 7 Jan 2016

Why can't I find a book series that matches doctor who in wit and scope? #MSWL