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Amarilys Writes & Edits 🌈🇵🇷 @AmarilysWrites · Jun 30

Watching Knight and Day (2010) and I really want this in book format, diverse, and with an F/F pairing 😍 #mswl

Amarilys Writes & Edits 🌈🇵🇷 @AmarilysWrites · Apr 18

I’m still waiting for that YA or NA epic sci-fi adventure, heavy on the romance, witty on the humor, plenty of queer and diverse, to appear in my inbox and literally take me out of this world. #mswl

Amarilys Writes & Edits 🌈🇵🇷 @AmarilysWrites · Mar 1

I'm looking for #ownvoices and diversity rich speculative fiction stories, but I’m open to all stories compelling enough #YA #NA #A #Romance #mswl

Send your query and FULL ms to my attention (Amy Acosta) via

Amarilys Writes & Edits 🌈🇵🇷 @AmarilysWrites · Mar 1

CONTEMPORARY: travel rom-coms, big family cast (related or not), quirky small towns (think Gilmore Girls or Schitt's Creek), Caribbean and archipelago settings, basically Hallmark movies but diverse #mswl

Amarilys Writes & Edits 🌈🇵🇷 @AmarilysWrites · Mar 1

PARANORMAL: uncommon shifters like in Paranormal Princes by Charlie Cochet, Latinx witches, every day magic, magical academies, something like The Worst Witch but YA/NA, diverse culture gods and creatures, re-telling’s with a modern spin and diversity #mswl

Amarilys Writes & Edits 🌈🇵🇷 @AmarilysWrites · Mar 1

SCI-FI: fun Star Trek-like adventures, mind-bending stuff like The Starbound Trilogy, a Dark Matter-like cast, Lost in Space fam dynamics, climate change and renewable energy, solarpunk #mswl

Amarilys Writes & Edits 🌈🇵🇷 @AmarilysWrites · Mar 1

Amarilys Writes & Edits @AmarilysWrites

I've finally managed to compile a somewhat coherent manuscript wish list #mswl which I'll be itching to edit and add on to soon, but for now this is it! 🌈✨

FANTASY: high-concept epicness like Throne of Glass, amazing worldbuilding like Tamora Pierce does, badass princesses like She-Ra, dragons and cultures other than medieval-ish, flawed magic systems #mswl